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Apatite Meditation for Healthy Resolutions

woman meditating with apatite heart and ball Wouldn't it be nice to make resolutions that last? Apatite is your healthy lifestyle cheerleader crystal that can make it happen!

This Apatite guided meditation encourages you to set everyday resolutions that are attainable and sustainable.

What wonderful things will you achieve in health, fitness, and positive routine?! Find out in the Apatite meditation.

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Apatite guided meditation video

For the most powerful experience, listen and follow along to this recorded Apatite Guided Meditation. This quick meditation is perfect for busy souls.

Click the video above when you are ready to begin. The full script can be found in the text below.

7 Apatite Affirmations for a Healthy Lifestyle

Apatite encourages you to make reasonable and realistic life choices when it comes to health and fitness. Forget about fast fads, steady success is the way to go.

Select real Apatite stones to hold while you say these positive affirmations. The more Apatite crystals you have, the higher you vibrate.

  • My health and fitness routine is attainable and sustainable
  • I make lifestyle choices that last
  • Apatite is my cheerleader crystal 

  • An Apatite each day keeps the lazybones away

  • I love and honor my body, mind, and spirit
  • Every day, I treat myself right with the help of Apatite

  • I am capable of conquering my goals


apatite gemstones for meditation

Preparing for the Apatite meditation

This power meditation can be done anywhere. All you need are Apatite crystals, a few minutes, and a desire for self-improvement.

These motivational mantras are designed to work with the optimistic vibrations of Apatite gemstones. Discover incredible stones in the Satin Crystals Apatite Shop.

After you gather your favorite stones, find a comfortable spot in your home or garden. Hold the Apatite in your hand while doing this meditation, and wear Apatite jewelry to enhance your experience.

Are you at work? Put on your headphones and power meditate through your break. You are the ruler of your destiny! 


Guided meditation script with Apatite

Every day, you strive to be better. Even small changes can have profound effects. You understand the power of action, which is why you are here today. The Apatite crystal in your hand is a perfect stone for manifesting your resolutions.

In this meditation, you are going to figure out what fitness routines work best for you. Develop some healthy new habits with Apatite. Before we do that, let's relax your mind and body so that you are in top shape to receive positive messages and visions.

Begin by breathing in the air. Be conscious of your breath, feel your belly expand like a balloon as you inhale. Then, exhale and let it all out. Continue this cycle of expansion and contraction, allowing your breath to lead you to relaxation.

(short pause)

Every time you do mindful breathing, you are engaging in positive self-care. You are focusing on your health and well-being.

Now continue to breathe and feel the optimistic energy of your Apatite stone enhance your good feelings.

(short pause)

Have you made any resolutions recently? While there is so much inner work to be done, the resolution we focus on today is regarding your physical health routine. Apatite specializes in being your fitness cheerleader.

First, take a moment to think about what you want in your daily routine. Do you already have the healthy habits that give you the outcome you desire? If so, that's great, imagine yourself continuing to do what you're doing.

On the other hand, if you wish to make some tweaks to your health regimens, think about that now. What actions can you take to feel healthier in your life?


The next step to sticking with a resolution is the figure out if your new routine is sustainable or temporary. Are you being lured into a false fad or have you figured out a steady and healthy long-term way to meet your goals? What if instead of imagining yourself running a marathon, you walk a mile? Or instead of jumping on a dietary bandwagon, you consult your doctor for practical advice?

You are now going to audit your own health and fitness goals. Ask yourself if your ideas are truly sustainable or not. Is this something you want to be doing years down the road? If not, what kind of habits can you develop that you actually want to keep long-term? Tap deep into your mind and find answers now.


You may not have figured everything out in this short time, but you now understand that sustainable actions are the key to keeping your resolutions. Your Apatite crystal will encourage you to explore practical and healthy options that help you reach your physical goals.

Work closely with your Apatite stone after you emerge from this meditation. Not only will it cheer you along your health and fitness journey but it will help you weed out quick-fix temptations that don't work.

Let's reinforce your positive vibrations with 7 affirmations. After each statement that you hear, you can repeat it aloud or say it quietly yet confidently to yourself. Here they are: 

 #1 My health and fitness routine is attainable and sustainable

Now you say it. (short pause)

#2 I make lifestyle choices that last

(short pause)

#3 Apatite is my cheerleader crystal 

(short pause)

#4 An Apatite each day keeps the lazybones away

(short pause)

#5 I love and honor my body, mind, and spirit

(short pause)

#6 Every day, I treat myself right with the help of Apatite

(short pause)

#7 I am capable of conquering my goals

(short pause)

You have taken the right step forward in your health and fitness goals. There's a lot of work to do, so once you emerge from this meditation, get moving! Keep your Apatite gems and jewels close by as motivational helpers.

In a minute you are going to awaken from this meditation, pumped and full of life energy. Now you will hear a count from 1 to 5. At 5, you will awaken, feeling powerfully resolute.

1-2-3-4-5. Eyes open, wide awake. 

moqui marbles and water grounding after meditation

What do I do Post-Meditation?

The power meditation is fast but intense! You may feel as though you are floating in another realm. Enjoy this natural high. Then, slowly reintegrate back into the physical reality. If you need assistance anchoring, use Moqui stones to completely realign with the world. Drink plenty of water to ground your energy.

Next, reflect upon your experience. If you did the meditation in a group, share your thoughts, feelings, and visions with others. If you practiced alone, journal your experiences or simply enjoy the sensations. Think about the messages you received and how to use them to benefit your everyday life.

What did you think about this meditation? If you have opinions, stories to share, or questions to ask, we would be thrilled to hear from you. Post them below! 


Shop Apatite Crystals

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Rise Upward and Onward...

Enhance your meditation with further healing ideas:

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