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Crystals for your Home Office

crystals to decorate the home officeDoes it feel like you have the case of the Mondays no matter what day it is?

A rehaul of your workspace or home office with crystals can help you remove that stale, dull energy and replace it with motivational and productive vibes. Crystals are beautiful and inspirational to look at and give off all kinds of positive healing powers.

Whether you work from an office, cubicle, studio, shop, restaurant, vehicle or home, crystals give you the pick-me-up you crave.

Why Should I Decorate my Office with Crystals?

Adding crystals to your office shifts the energy to a healing space. Here are the top reasons why you should display crystals at work: 

Reset and Focus your Energy for Work Success

Do you find yourself getting distracted from work a lot? Are you pinned to the screen, engaging in social media or obsessing over the news instead of working on your project at hand? Or maybe you're overwhelmed with so much work you feel scattered and unproductive. 

Having special crystals nearby can help trigger your mind to focus and relax. Instead of being sucked into a cesspool of distractions, your crystals serve as the token that reminds you to reset and refocus.

Gemstones like Flourite help you focus, while Sodalite and other Calming Stones can put to ease your overactive mind. 

Let go of the thousand different thoughts that have taken over your consciousness. Instead, gaze into your beautiful stone and let it's natural energy ground you back to your goals. Here in the right mindset, you can find work success and meaning.

Activate Beautiful Creative Inspiration

Are you out of ideas, or stuck within a challenge? Crystals are a muse for free-flowing imagination and creativity. They help you to think outside the box. Each stone has a personality and is ready to cheer you on. Gems put your mind at ease so the ideas can flow. 

Whether you are an author looking for a stone that helps writer's block or a teacher wondering how to best compile next week's lessons, crystals can help you find answers.

Carnelian is a stone of inspiration for artistic and innovative workers. Happiness crystals help you be productive in a meaningful and satisfying way rather than being bogged down by deadlines and pressure.

Find Group Harmony

Are you feeling frustration toward your bosses, coworkers, or even your subordinates? Working in close proximity (or even afar) can be stressful because there are different styles of doing things and you may not always see eye to eye.

Whether you wish to dispel workplace politics or just amp up the energy in your already wonderful team, crystals can help with group harmony. They encourage healthy communication and fluid outcomes.  

Crystal spheres and clusters specialize in facilitating group tranquility. Throat Chakra stones assist with fluid communication, while Love Crystals keep you from succumbing to workplace negativity. 

Protection from a Toxic Work Environment

Maybe your bosses or coworkers are not just annoying, but toxic to your energy. Do you work with energy vampires? Perhaps you are in retail or customer service, encountering hundreds of personalities per day. Naturally, you may run into psychic vampires here and there. Crystals can help you deflect their energy-draining personas so that your success isn't dampened.

Stones like Obsidian, Onyx, and Carnelian are just a few of the Protection Stones that can benefit you.

Commanding the Respect you Deserve

Not only are crystals useful to you energetically, but they make exquisite natural art pieces. You may have noticed that in high-class hotels or office lobbies large crystals or stone sculptures are featured. If you have a chance to step into any fine palace, temple, sacred space, or royal abode around the world, you will see that gems and gemstones have been used to adorn the spaces of the elite for centuries. Crystals create a sense of awe.

Crystals command respect because they are precious and naturally stunning. Those who step into your space immediately notice the eye-catching treasures. Crystals come in all different colors and in various shapes. You can create your very own gemstone shrine in your office or at your work desk.

crystals good for the office

What crystals are good for the office?

A tasteful collection of gems brings elegance to your workspace. It catches the attention of visitors, and most importantly it elevates your mood.

Here the best crystals to buy when decorating your office, home office, or work desk:

Amethyst Desktop Geodes

Natural Amethyst desktop geodes and clusters bring calm tranquility to your space. They are small enough to be portable yet large enough to be noticed. 

Amethyst is the stone of spirituality, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture of your project instead of getting bogged down in the details. 

Stately pieces of Amethyst can be proudly displayed facing the door, as they remove any negative energy carried in by visitors. Smaller pieces can be tucked into drawers, nooks, and corners to transform your office into a little crystal haven.

Crystal Spheres for Success

Crystal spheres represent perfection and make the ideal pick for high achievers. You can decorate your office with various stones of all types and colors. 

Do you seek a distinguished look? What about a duo of Rainbow Obsidian and Mahogany Obsidian? They command attention, keep you protected and make interesting conversational pieces due to their volcanic origin. If you have mahogany wood or cherry-colored furniture, they even fit your color scheme!

Are you more into uplifting and energizing spheres? What about seven spheres to form a rainbow that also ignites each of the 7 chakras? Line up Purple Amethyst, Blue Lapis, Blue Calcite, Green Aventurine, Yellow Calcite, Orange Carnelian, and Red Jasper to form an impressive display in your office. They also emit a medley of energies that enhance all aspects of your work and personal life.

Crystal balls also bring group harmony and positive communication. They emit energy equally in all directions, benefiting everyone in the office simultaneously. A large centerpiece sphere maybe what's missing in the conference room.

crystals to decorate your office work desk

Powerhouse Pyramids

Powerhouse pyramids make a discrete yet impactful choice for your office. They lay flat on your desk and can even serve as paperweights. These are ideal for stimulating ideas and innovation because pyramids get their energy from the higher realms. Tap into your creative consciousness when you deck out your space with these sacred geometrical stones.

What stone to pick is up to you. Here is a short-list of pyramids and their properties:

  • Agate: Grounding earth energy that prevents burnout and adds nature's vibe to your workspace

  • Amethyst: Keeps you calm and even-headed, preventing you from falling victim to company politics mentality

  • Aventurine: Abundance and prosperity stone that drives you to success

  • Carnelian: Stirs your creativity and eliminates mental blocks

  • Lapis: Powerhouse pyramid that blasts open your Third Eye chakra to new innovation and reminds you to follow your intuition, even in business

  • Onyx: Protective and inspirational, keeping the air clear of toxic feelings 

Meteorite Conversation Pieces

Meteorites are an exquisite choice for your office space. They are highly unusual and make the perfect conversational pieces that engage curious clients and visitors. Meteorites come from deep space, which holds the fascination of just about everyone. Due to their rare nature, having a collection of Meteorites in the office showcases your fine taste and your knack for scientific knowledge.

Another benefit of Meteorites in the office is that they consume little space. Display your Meteorites neatly in a zero-gravity suspension box or a specialized display and mount it on the wall for all to see. 

Some excellent choices include beloved Tektites like green Moldavite and golden Libyan Desert Glass, silver iron Muonuonalusta and Gibeon, or rocky pieces like Gao-Guenie and Chondrites. Take a look at our full Meteorite Collection to see what stirs your fancy. 

Feng Shui Crystals for Studios, Stores, Shops, and Drivers

Millions of people do not work in a conventional office space or even a desk. Maybe you are an Uber driver, looking to Feng Shui your car? Perhaps you are in an art studio, store or shop? Do you have a healing room or a beauty parlor?

If you are the owner of your own space, adding Feng Shui crystals is fun, easy, and beneficial. If you aren't the owner, you can always ask the owner to consider your creative input. Hopefully, they agree, but even if they do not... keep reading because we still have ideas for you!

Here are some fabulous ways to decorate your Studio, Store, Shop, Space, and Car:

Hanging Pendulums and Amulets 

Pendulums can be hung for good energy and beautiful decor on hooks and high areas. They are inviting for visitors and they catch and disperse the light. You can also take down the hanging the pendulum and do dowsing when you feel like it.

Alternatively, make your own hanging charms using Crystal Amulets. Secure it to a chain, cord, leather, or make fun mobiles to decorate your space.

Hanging Pendulums and Amulets are especially attractive and convenient for drivers, as they can dangle from your mirror.

Abundance Stones near your Money Area

Business is about raking in success. Placing Abundance Stones in your financial area is a basic must for stores and shops. Surround the cashier area with stones like Aventurine, Jade, Pyrite, and Citrine. You also want to gather smaller pieces to put directly in a cash register.

If your business is online, including payments, these abundance stones can be placed near your work computer.

Crystal Hearts for Customer Relations

Does your store, shop, or studio involve seeing or catering to customers? If so, crystal hearts are the stone of choice for customer service. Place crystal hearts in a bowl or along various areas of your shop. Drivers can place a heart in the glove compartment, or wire wrap it to hang from the mirror.

Gemstone hearts draw in the type of customers you want and have them coming back. Crystal hearts also help you keep your calm when the occasional difficult customer passes through.

Obsidian for Protecting Entrances

Protective Obsidian helps filter out bad vibes. If you have people coming in and out of your space, Obsidian helps to filter out the negativity they were harboring. While protecting your space, it also makes the customer feel better. It simultaneously protects you from ill-willed people.

Place an Obsidian Egg, Ball, Heart or other shaped stone near each entrance.

crystals for workplace success for employees

Crystal Jewelry for Retail Workers, Service Employees, and Telecommuters

If you don't have an actual office space or store to decorate, that's okay. Millions of people go workplaces as grocery store cashiers, maintenance technicians, flight attendants, medical staff and telecommuters. Your workplace crystal needs to be on the go like you are, and the best way is to adorn your own body with crystal jewelry.

Combat Work Stress with Obsidian Jewelry

If you work in retail, customer service, or places involving high in-person traffic like hospitals and reception desks, your best friend in the gemstone world is Obsidian.

When you cross paths with so many people on a daily basis, you're bound to run into energy vampires and negative people. It's so easy to pick up their bad vibes. Obsidian jewelry benefits you the most because it transforms the negativity of others into positive energy before it can reach you.

Wear Obsidian bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and pendants as often as you can. They become your personal shield and help you focus on your job rather than feeling stressed out.

Jewelry for Work Success

There are several stones that specifically bring you the power of success in work. Here is a short-list of such stones that make a good pick as workplace jewelry:

  • Tiger's Eye: Courage, confidence, business success stone that helps you overcome your fears and the inhibitions that might hold you back

  • Carnelian: Creative stone of success, especially for those in art, music, theater, and business innovation

  • Bloodstone: Helps you make good decisions and act like a strong leader

  • Emerald: This power stone highlights your potential and your leadership skills, commanding respect of your skills from coworkers

  • Flourite: The stone of genius that helps you focus. This works for students and those who need to concentrate on important goals

Anklets for Secret Super Powers 

Does your company make you adhere to a strict dress code? Is gemstone jewelry a no-no? Tap into your defiant side and opt for a crystal anklet. It can be safely tucked into your sock while quietly infusing you with healing superpowers. No one has to know.

crystals for workplace negativity

Carry Pocket Stones

If jewelry is not really your thing, but you still wish to benefit from the power of crystals, pocket stones work for everybody. Pocket stones can be stashed in your pocket, purse, or wallet. They keep you energized all day long.

Smaller stones can be found in our Chakra Sets, Polished Stones, Raw Stones, and Stone Amulets collections.

Pendants or Amulets can be used to make your own keychain as well!

Let the Decorating Begin

Have you decorated your workspace with any of these ideas? Have you found success wearing workplace jewelry or carrying pocket stones? Have you found other stones helpful to display at work?

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about your office crystals. You can comment on the blog below.

Additional gemstone resources for you:

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.
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Lisa Satin - June 6, 2024

Hello Tim, Thanks for writing to us, we’re glad to know that you are ready to benefit from the positive energy of crystals! Popular stones that people have used for EMF are Black Tourmaline and Lepidolite. You can find the collections here: As to positive energy stones, well…. They are all great! Each crystal will have its own strengths and you can learn the meanings here: For starters, you can check out our Top 10 recommended stones: Finally, you asked about various shapes. It depends on what you wish to achieve. Spheres are very popular for placing in a room. If you want something with you at all times, you can try a bracelet or even tumbled stones that can be stashed in a bag or pocket. Here is our video on how to pick crystals: Please take the time to look through the information and narrow down your intentions. If you need further assistance, we are available by email.

Tim R. - June 6, 2024

I’m looking for Home Protection from radiation and EMF. I need something for the whole house or each individual room. I also wanted to get some crystals for healing and positive energy. Do you have any recommendations? I don’t know what shapes or sizes I should get and what exact crystals you have so many options

Sheila Satin - August 1, 2020

Hi Matthew, we have some helpful links for your pyramids and crystal cleansing:

Crystal Pyramids:

Cleaning Crystals:

Amethyst Uses:

If you have additional specific questions, just ask!

Sheila Satin

Matthew Pascale - August 1, 2020

I have a huge rose quartz crystal pyramid what all can I do with and and how do I clean it properly . And also have a tiny purple pyramid same question as above they got dirty I need it cleaned correctly

Sheila Satin - June 10, 2020

Hi Oscar, you can find all of our current citrine at

We offer free USA shipping on all of our crystals and if you sign up for the VIP list, you will get a welcome discount code:

Let me know if you have any specific questions about Citrine.

You can also visit the Citrine Meanings page at:

Sheila Satin

Oscar - June 10, 2020

How much is citrin crystal I want my business to be successful ?

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