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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Bloodstone Bracelet Best Seller

bloodstone-bracelet-best-sellerSince 2001, this Bloodstone Bracelet has proven itself to be the most popular piece in our collection. Satin Crystals Bloodstone Bracelet is the top-seller for good reasons. If you don't have it yet, you have been missing out on all its beneficial talents. Keep reading to learn what they are.

Don't distress, this bracelet is our seasonal pick. Handcrafted and strung by Sheila Satin, it rings of festivity. 

Okay, Lisa! Enough of the pitch. This Bloodstone Bracelet speaks for itself through high-class beauty, bountiful healing benefits, and raving customer reviews...

Bloodstone Bracelet Healing Benefits 

Say goodbye to cowardice, indecision, and crankiness. Say hello to the bold and attractive you that shines through each glossy stone. Your new Bloodstone Bracelet encourages you to follow your dreams fearlessly, and succeed. Feel like a powerhouse of a person when you slip on this jewel that wins the admiration of the world. 

Healing Properties in a Nutshell

  • Courage, Confidence
  • Heart Chakra & Relationships
  • Abundance, Prosperity
  • Motivation, Success
  • Positive Decision-Making Skills

Bracelet Beauty & Quality

  • High-quality gems in green, often flecked with red or yellow, are hand-selected by Sheila Satin
  • Each bracelet is beaded in California, USA by Sheila of Satin Crystals
  • Easy to slip on and off; no more battling with impossible clasps
  • Comes in multiple sizes for a stackable statement look
  • Unisex design makes it an eye-catching gift for both men and women

Your Bloodstone Bracelets

There's more. This week only, VIP gets 25% off all Bloodstones.

Get on the Satin Crystals VIP list for members-only specials throughout the year. 

The Holiday Special ends soon, so stock up on Bloodstone Bracelets now to stack on your wrists and more to gift as stocking stuffers.

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ANA VELLA - October 20, 2023


Sheila Satin - February 4, 2021

Hi Mikaila, there are several choices you can choose for calming anxiety Crystals. Here is a page to help you decide.

Mikaila - February 4, 2021

which bracelet would you recommend for anxiety?

Sheila Satin - May 11, 2020

Hi Patricia, thanks for pointing out the glitch. I have reinstated it and the Wishlist link is now on the top menu bar if you are on desktop.

It is in the menu “hamburger” (or three lines) at the top left hand corner if you are on Mobile.

Let me know if you need anything else!

Sheila Satin

Patricia - May 11, 2020

I have put several items into a wish list to consider purchasing them. I find I cannot locate my wish list anywhere on the website. Please tell me how to find it.


Sheila Satin - January 8, 2020

Hi Adrian, thanks for writing in. Yours is definitely a valid question and one that is asked by many beginning crystal healers.

The answer is, yes! You can absolutely mix different types of stones for healing.

My only recommendation would be to keep them in the same family of focus. For example, if you are using aventurine and citrine for wealth and success, this is a great focus for both of these stones that are associated with prosperous energies.

However, if you are looking to improve your meditation with Amethyst and increase your prosperity with Citrine, I would separate them, at least when you are first starting out. The more focused you can get, the easier it will be to manifest your goals.

Sheila Satin

Adrian - January 8, 2020

I am relatively new to crystals but I definitely believe in their powers. I want to make my own mala beads.. can there be different types of stones… for instance can i mix citrine with purple aventurine or green aventurine to manifest wealth/success? I apologize if this is a stupid question. Thank you.

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