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Boost Your Garden with Crystals

Crystal Birds in the Garden - Satin Crystals BlogNot only are healing crystals excellent for human auras, but they do wonder for the plant world. If your garden is having some trouble, why not grid it with some life enhancing crystals? You can place these stones around the perimeter of your garden, in your potted plants or bury them at the roots. 

Here are a 5 crystal suggestions for your garden:

Moss AgateThis crystal is very common among gardeners and for good reason.
Moss Gate promotes grounding in plants, and it helps promote your gardening skills.
Using Moss Gate should be your first choice in crystals.

Green Calcite
– This crystal is often used to balance the tone of a color. This crystal can
calm anxiety and reduce the stress in plants, resulting in a happy and positive growing
environment for your plant throughout the growing season.

Tigers Eye – This crystal promotes strength as well as courage, which can be beneficial
to plants in so many ways. With Tigers Eye placed in the pot with your plants, your plant
will blossom in growth and development.

Clear Quartz – The crystal that should be in everything you do and touch. This crystal is
great for so many things, including general health of you and your plant. All plants will also benefit if you place a Clear Quartz crystal in the soil around them. The Quartz energy is very grounding for the plants.

Citrine – The warm glow of Citrine gives your plants the energy they need to continue
growing. This crystal is great at filtering the negative energy and transforming it into
positive energy. Citrine is connected to the solar plexus which is known to assist in
brightening up the garden. Citrine represents abundance of life.

The Thriving Crystal Garden

Another great idea is to place your chipped or broken crystals with your plants. They are not picky about the shape or rocky veins, so place them in the soil and they will enhance the beauty and the energy of your plants. If all else fails, at least you will have a sparkling crystal garden to admire!

What crystals do you use in your plants and garden to make them thrive?

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