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6 Crystal Ball Moon and Sun Rituals

hands holding golden quartz spheres

Above our heads live the two most powerful orbs of all...the Sun and the Moon. We honor these luminous forces by doing crystal ball rituals. Spheres are the best choice for sun and moon healing because they share the same shape and symbolic meanings.

When you choose the right crystal ball for the right astrological event, your world is shaken by magic and manifestation. 

In crystal ball astrology, you will match your gemstone spheres with lunar and solar events. You will also learn the benefits of crystal healing under the big round Sun...and Moon!

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6 Astrology Crystal Balls

Full Moon Ritual with Moonstone Spheres

  • Reason: Moonstone spheres are the perfect representation of the Full Moon. When you own a Moonstone sphere, you have a mini model of the big, glowing Full Moon right in the palm of your hands. Moonstone harnesses the healing power of the Moon, which is a calm, feminine, and psychic force. 

  • Ritual: Charge your Moonstone sphere under the Full Moon. Use it all month long to develop your psychic intuition through crystal ball gazing. This opens your Third Eye chakra and enhances your visionary skills.

    New Moon Ritual with Labradorite Spheres

    • Reason: Labradorite spheres are the perfect representation of the New Moon. The moon isn't visible during the New Moon phase, it is just darkness- and yet a time of inspiring hope. The New Moon is all about new beginnings. Likewise, Labradorite balls show you motivational rainbows through the dark exterior. They encourage you to strive to be your best.

    • Ritual: Charge your Labradorite under the New Moon. After it is charged, have it handy while you write and recite Crystal Affirmations that focus on releasing old habits and starting fresh patterns.

      Lunar Eclipse Ritual with Chalcedony Spheres

      • Reason: During a Lunar Eclipse, both the sun and moon are at play. The sky often turns red. Chalcedony spheres are the perfect pick for Lunar Eclipse activity. They are filled with fire Red Jasper, representing the sun. The Red Jasper minerals are suspending in a milky Chalcedony, representing the Moon. For the rare Lunar Eclipse, use this rare Chalcedony orb that is brewing with magic.

      • Ritual: With the Sun and the Moon dancing in the sky together, you might feel really spacey and emotionally altered. That's when you harness the energy of another great astrological orb to your advantage, the Earth! Hold your Chalcedony Sphere and engage in this Grounding Ritual to rediscover your balanced core.

        Blue Moon Ritual with Blue Calcite Sphere

        • Reason: Blue Moons are extra rare, happening only once every 3 years. You want to celebrate this event by capturing its rejuvenating vibrations through a Blue Calcite sphere. This crystal ball is as intriguing and calming as a Full Blue Moon.

        • Ritual:  Blue Moon is a special Full Moon, hence they are about letting go of the unwanted and starting new habits. However, they are rarer, so you want to seize the opportunity to do something special. After charging your Blue Calcite Sphere under the Lunar Eclipse, keep it next to you while you create a vision board.

          Sun Ritual with Sunstone Spheres

          • Reason: The sun rises daily, dazzling, and inspiring you to live your best life. Sunstone absorbs the chi forces of the Sun and brings it down to you in a beautiful crystal form. Sunstone is all about enjoying every single moment of every single day.

          • Ritual:  Keep your Sunstone charged by leaving it in the sunlight as often as you wish. This can be through a windowsill or directly in the garden. Because the Sun is shining every day and is giving us the will to live, you want to do ongoing rituals that keep you healthy. This includes good habits like yoga in the garden near your sunstone sphere, simple meditations while holding your sunstone orb, or any easy healthy habit that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

          Solar Eclipse Ritual with Smoky Quartz Spheres

          • Reason: When the Moon covers the Sun in a Solar Eclipse, you experience spectacular, awe-stricken darkness. It is a brief event that has the whole world standing still. The sphere to use during Solar Eclipses is Smoky Quartz. It is stunningly dark, yet full of clarity and light.

          • Ritual: The rare Solar Eclipse is a time for deep healing. You want to engage in a ritual that goes above and beyond your ordinary routine. Charge your Smoky Quartz sphere under the Eclipse, and then use it for a special healing session like cleansing all 7 of your Chakras with this guided meditation. 

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            Lisa Satin - January 24, 2022

            Hello Colleen,
            Our 2022 Snow Full Moon article with lots of information will be published in early February and you will be informed by email. However, if you want to be prepared even earlier I’ll give you a helpful hint on the crystals. It is HOWLITE for the 2022 Snow Full Moon!
            Check out our Howlite crystals to find something for the Full Moon:


            Lisa Satin - December 24, 2020

            Hi Aziz,

            Crystals are often ground for carving purposes and to reconstitute into other shapes.

            If you intend to consume it, no- do not do this. Many stones are toxic.

            We recommend you contact a professionally licensed homeopathic doctor to find suitable alternatives.

            Best wishes,

            Lisa Satin

            Aziz - December 24, 2020

            Is there anyway possible that you can grind a crystal to a powder base then use it for medical purposes?

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