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Frame your Personality with Large Hoop Earrings

valerie, holly and gemma of satin crystals wearing big mica hoop earrings

Wearing Hoop Earrings for Confidence

From small to oversized, hoop earrings complete your look. Wearing hoop earrings frame your face and define your mood for the day. 

Show off your personality with a fun pair of crystal healing hoop earrings and confidence will not be far behind. 

How to wear Large Hoop Earrings

If you are like me, you like to be bold in your jewelry. You want to be noticed and show off your style. Large hoop earrings ornament your ensemble in all the best ways. They turn heads and draw attention to the smile on your face. 

Here are some ways to wear these round fashion jewels: 

  1. Pull your hair up in a ponytail and let the earrings be the focal point of your face. 

  2. Wear your hair down and let your hair be the backdrop to your contrasting earrings. 

  3. Wear your hair to one side, teasing your artistic jewelry to the world. 

  4. Hoop earrings can be dressed up with a cocktail dress or dressed down with a casual pair of jeans; it's all about the hoops when you choose a large pair. 

  5. Wear the big hoop earrings on their own as a statement piece.

  6. Match up the hoop earrings with complementary bracelets, rings or necklaces

    Colorful Hoops for your Ears

    Whether you are looking to make a personal fashion statement or know someone who is as colorful as the brightest ray of sun, choose hoop earrings to wear and to gift. Our earrings hang from french hooks, so they are easy to wear. Although they are adorned with natural healing crystals, we make sure they are all lightweight enough for all day wear. 

    Here are just a few of the popular hoop earrings found at the Satin Crystals Boutique: 

    Moss Agate Flower Hoop Earrings

    valerie of satin crystals wearing green moss agate flower copper hoop earrings

    Carnelian Spiral Hoop Earrings

    bridget of satin crystals wearing large carnelian hoop earrings

    Tigers Eye Arrow Hoop Earrings

    sotera of satin crystals wearing large tigers eye neon orange hoop earrings

    Purple Fluorite Heart Hoop Earrings

    sheila of satin crystals wearing purple fluorite heart black large hoop earrings

    Quartz Hummingbird Hoop Earrings

    valerie of satin crystals wearing large hummingbird quartz stone hoop earrings

    Hoop Earrings History

    You see them everywhere, but have you ever wondered where they came from? Hoop earrings have been around for centuries, first seen in ancient Sumeria in 2600 B.C. Through the years, hoop earrings have been adorning women in many civilizations, from Africa to Asia to the Middle East. 

    While researching the history of hoop earrings, I was surprised to learn of the controversial roots of these jewels in the battle of cultural appropriation here in America. Basically, women of color in America embrace hoop earrings to pay homage to their native roots. Read more about the celebration of cultural identity through hoop earrings in Who Owns Hoop Earrings

    How are your Hoops?

    No matter who "owns" hoop earrings, we like to focus on the positive. If they make you feel good, embrace the powerful energies of these large statement jewels. We made them for you.

    Raise your vibrations and soar with the confidence that crystal healing hoops provide your aura. 

    What healing stones do you like to wear in your hoops? How do you wear your hoop earrings? How do you feel when you wear them? We'd love to hear all your jeweled stories in the comments below. 

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