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How to Care for Stretch Bracelets

sheila of satin crystals looking at a frayed stretch braceletYou love crystal stretch bracelets because they are so easy to wear, flexible, and versatile. But how do you keep them stretchy and secure?

Keep the stretch in your bracelets and never lose your gemstone beads again with proper wear and restringing maintenance. 

Why wear crystal stretch bracelets?

Stretch bracelets are the easiest form of a bracelet to wear. Even little tykes can slip them on and off with ease. No clasp means no fumbling around in frustration. 

Crystal beaded stretch bracelets, in particular, are worn to infuse your aura with the gemstone's healing energies. Keeping positive energy with you throughout the day ensures you are always in the right frame of mind and on the right path in life. 

The colors, crystals, and healing energies you pick will show off your personal style. Choose a dainty piece, a large statement design, or stack your stretch bracelets any way you desire. It shows the world who you are, what you like, and attracts others who vibrate on your same wavelength. 

When should I restring my stretch bracelet?

It is time to restring your stretch bracelet whenever you feel it losing its elasticity. Like a spring mattress, you want the cord to be firm and bouncy. Once it is tired and deflated, it needs refreshing.

Another indicator that you need to restring your stretch bracelet is if you see the cord fraying. The stretch cord is made out of many little cords woven together for strength. If one of these tiny cords is fraying, it endangers the whole bracelet. 

Is your stretch bracelet hanging by a thread? You've gone beyond the prescribed restringing guide!

A client of mine came to me a year later with his Calcite bracelet and it was literally hanging by a thread (see the picture above and see it live in the video). He said he wore it every day for the past year and thought it would be a good time to restring it.

Uh...yes, it's definitely time for a revamp!

Calcite is a relatively soft stone so it doesn't do that well in water. Some of the beads have fractured and the others lost their luster and have been smoothed away with time and water. Considering that this bracelet went in the shower uncountable times, I was surprised to see that it was still hanging on.

Looking at its well-worn condition, this bracelet should have been restrung every month at a minimum. The bracelet was no longer worth restringing, so I traded him a fresh Calcite Happiness Bracelet in exchange for his well-worn relic so that I could use it as an example for you as what not to do! 

How much does it cost to restring bracelets?

If you want to learn to restring your bracelets, you can find Youtube tutorials and restring at the cost of stretch cord. If you have a friend or a nearby jewelry shop, take your bracelet to them. 

If you are not interested in restringing yourself and do not have anyone near you to do the job, send your bracelets into Satin Crystals and we can restring for a fee. The best deal yet, join the Satin Crystals VIP club and get free restringing on any qualifying stretch bracelet you buy directly from our bracelet collection that is one of our original designs. Free stringing is valid for up to 1 year after purchase.

angelite bracelet fraying

3 Tips to Keep your stretch bracelets from breaking

  1. Stretch cord should be kept out of prolonged water. Take your bracelet off before showering, swimming, or washing the dishes. The elastic cord will wear down with long exposure to water, both hot and cold. 

  2. Keep your stretch bracelets away from harsh cleaning chemicals, extreme temperatures, lotions, perfumes, soaps, and anything that will react with the elastic. 

  3. Wear your stretch bracelets the proper way. Do not overstretch. 

How to properly wear a stretch bracelet?

This one seems obvious, but there is actually a proper way to wear stretch bracelets. I always took it for granted that people were innately born with the ability to slide on their elastic jewelry, but upon some research, things started making sense. No wonder some clients come back to me soon after their purchase saying they have stretched their bracelets out of form while others can maintain their bracelets for years to come. 

Unfortunately, stretch bracelet is not eternally elastic, so you have to slip it on and off your wrist with gentle care. You want to roll the bracelet gently on and off your hand instead of overly-stretching the bracelet. In fact, you want to keep the stretching to a minimum. Just a tender roll onto the wrist will do! 

Do you know your perfect bracelet size?

If you are not aware of your perfect bracelet size, don't make a haphazard guess. Measure your actual wrist size once and for all and you can continue to buy bracelets online with confidence! 

Check out our tutorial and video here: Your Ultimate Crystal Healing Bracelet Guide

Hanging by All Threads

Now that you know how to properly wear, care for, and where to get your bracelets restrung, continue on your crystal jewelry journey. If you have questions or comments, we are happy to answer them below. 

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Sheila Satin - June 7, 2020

Hi Lichen, I will look out for the four bracelets.

If you are on our VIP list then it’s free to restring any Satin Crystals bracelets. If you are not part of the list and for bracelets we do not string ourselves, it starts at $10/bracelet.

I will keep you updated when they arrive!

Sheila Satin

Lichen - June 7, 2020

Sheila, you should receive four bracelets in the mail this weekend for restringing.

One of them is actually not from your company. I understand if you can’t repair it. Of note, it’s the model for the one you just sent me and the one you’re making for my Mom

I’m happy to pay you for the restringing if needed.

Hope you have a great weekend 👍


Sheila Satin - June 7, 2020

HI Sarah, if your bracelets are stretch bracelets they start at $10/each to restring, if they are clasp bracelets the start at $15/each to restring.

As for the mala, we don’t do restringing with thread, but if you are referring to clasp necklaces the price starts at $20/each depending on the design and stones.

If the jewelry was purchased from us and you are a part of the Satin Crystals Vip Club then we offer complimentary restringing:

Sheila Satin

Sarah E - June 7, 2020

Hi. I have about 8 bracelets and a Mala (108) that I need strung/re-strung. Can you please give me a quote?

Best Regards,

Sheila Satin - May 11, 2020

Hi James, I’m so happy to hear that! Anything else Crystal-related we are here for you! Greetings to your wife and thanks for contacting me.

Sheila Satin

James - May 11, 2020

I mail out my bracelet to be fixed today. Thank you so much. Just want to say my wife and I truly love your products.


Lisa Satin - May 4, 2020

Hi Michelle,

We recommend Obsidian and/or Carnelian to protect you from the negativity of outside forces or people. Both stones can be found in stretch bracelets as well.

You may find the following links helpful:

1. How to Use Protection Stones:

2. Carnelian the Vampire Slayer

3. Shop the Obsidian Collection

4. Shop the Carnelian:

Sending you good healing vibrations,

Lisa Satin

Michelle - May 4, 2020

Hello my michelle I need the strongest crystal you have to ward off evil,bad spirit’s, negative energy, psychic attacks, stop people from draining my mind,body energy

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