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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Holiday Pre-Sale Begins For VIP Eyes

holiday presale at satin crystals

Here at Satin Crystals we just love to celebrate the holidays. We were already thinking about what to gift you, our most loyal VIP customers.

Today marks the day when the Holiday Pre-Sale begins so you can stock up on crystal treasures for yourself and your beloved family and friends. 

This sale is for VIP's only, so make sure to check your email inbox for the special code. 

How to be a Satin Crystals VIP

Are you missing out? If you're not yet on the list, don't fear, I have easy instructions on how to join for free both on your phone or your computer. Just click watch the Holiday Pre-sale video above.

1, 2, 3, it's simple to be rewarded for the VIP status you deserve. 

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