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How can I change others with crystals?

woman holding smoky quartz wand pointHow can I win back my ex-lover?

How can I convince my son to change his mind?

How can I get my upstairs neighbor to behave differently?

These are all real-life questions our customers and clients have asked us. From time to time, we get inquiries of this nature. They're essentially asking the same thing:

"How can I get another person to change?"

Whether using crystal healing or not, you only have the power to control your own feelings, reactions, and thoughts. You do not have power over others. If you do, that's not a good thing.

Why can't I change others?

You can't change others because everyone possesses free will. If you are tampering with someone else's life choices you are trying to control them. That is the exact opposite of allowing someone to express their free will.

Even children and animals have free will. You can certainly guide your children and teach them but you should never attempt to possess or control anyone. Forcefully changing others against their will does the opposite of what you wish to achieve- it pushes them away.

Certainly, you can discuss and debate any issue civilly. Do not try to coerce anyone or attempt to have them fit into a mold you created.

You might think something should be a certain way, but the other billions of human beings and animals on the planet do not all share your exact ideas. That's what makes life so interesting- diversity.

How do I attract others into my life?

The good news is that you can work on self-love and self-healing. Put yourself in a place where you are ready to manifest and attract that which you desire. You DO have power over your own actions. Transform yourself into someone others wish to be around.

Do you want to be surrounded by loyal friends? Make plans and follow through. Be there when your friend needs help. Reach out when they are feeling down. Celebrate when they are feeling joyous. 

Do you want to find a loving partner? Put yourself out there, be vulnerable. Lower your expectations. Don't harp on physical appearances. Speak straight to the person's heart and focus on their actions. 

Once you are balanced and confident in yourself, you may come to realize that the person you wanted back in your life wasn't the right person after all. 

How can I change others' behaviors or minds?

If you have trust and rapport with a person, you might be able to change their mind. Healthy and positive discussion, debate, or discourse can be productive in helping everyone (including yourself) see things from a different perspective.

The first step is to learn a positive communication style that others want to listen to. Take time to learn about the various personalities and the way to communicate with each other. Remember, what you say doesn't matter- it is how the listener interprets your message is what matters.

The universal problem is that people try to force each other into change. People get angry at each other when the other doesn't change.

Time and again you will learn that force doesn't work. Even if someone temporarily changes to please you, they will eventually revert to their old way unless it is also their desire to change.

No crystal in the world, or the Universe, can force another person to fall back in love with you, switch careers, or stop a habit. Change comes from an internal desire, which you cannot impose on others.

What crystals do I use for self-love?

Because you can only change yourself, focus on self-love. This is the perfect journey to use your healing stones.

If you are lacking love for yourself, here are some crystals to work with: 

Rose Quartz is the most popular crystal used to open the Heart chakra to better give and receive love energy. This pink gemstone is synonymous with Universal love, love of self, and love for humanity. Learn to appreciate the beauty in the world and within your heart with Rose Quartz. 

Rhodonite is the most desired crystal when it comes to self-love and friendships. This pink and black crystal is all about accepting yourself and others. Once you accept yourself, you can work on changing the habits that are holding you back. And, once you have changed your energy to a positive light, friends will be attracted to your glowing aura. 

Rhodochrosite is well-known as the Soulmate Crystal. When working with this pink and white stone, you align your energy to attract soulmates who are meant to come to teach you valuable lessons. These can be platonic or romantic soulmates. Once you learn your lessons, you can move on and become a stronger and wiser you. 

Remember, once you love yourself and your mind is focused on positive thoughts, everything else will flow easily into your life. Forget frustration, longing, and pining for others, you will feel like you have it all. And you will have it all. 

We have even more information on how to use crystals for love and romance in How to Use Love Crystals.

What crystals do I use for peace and acceptance?

Sometimes you may realize that the only course ahead is to peacefully accept a situation if you cannot change it. You might need to adjust your mind to see things a new way or to simply let the matter go. These are the stones that help you mentally relax and open your Third Eye chakra to a vision beyond limits:

Sodalite is all about mental balance. This blue and white stone puts your thoughts in order and tidies up your mind. When you are thinking clearly, you can see the Big Picture and let go of obsessive thoughts and irrelevant drama. Use Sodalite to bring peace to your life. 

Lapis Lazuli activates your Third Eye chakra, connecting you to your intuition. Your intuition knows much better than your loud ego. When you learn to trust your intuition, your doubts dissolve, and decisions come easy. Headaches disappear and you will feel balanced and at peace. 

Amethyst connects you with your Higher Self, living in joy in the spiritual world. This purple gemstone puts your mind at ease. Popular for meditation, Amethyst helps to calm your anxieties and see things from a spiritual perspective. It allows you to realize that by letting go of trivial matters, your earthly self can progress much faster. 

Where do I go from here?

Getting along with other human beings is definitely a challenge. We all face it! Learning to be graceful and accepting, not only of others but also yourself, is  part of the life journey.

Check out these meditation and crystal links that help put your anxieties at ease and step into a better path.

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Disclaimer: Crystal healing information is for fun and entertainment only. It is not a replacement for medical treatments.

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Lisa Satin - February 22, 2022

Hello Paul,

If there was a crystal to win the jackpot, I’d probably keep it for myself rather than sell it :)

You may enjoy our Abundance Stone article for crystals that can align your mental state with money-positive thoughts:

Please let me know if you have any further questions,

Lisa Satin

Paul - February 22, 2022

Thanks Lisa is there a crystal that can help me win a jackpot

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