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How To Find Your Spirit Animal

Hematite Animal Figurines - How to Find your Spirit Animal - Satin Crystals Blog

Spring is in the air, bringing new life and energy.  In this blog, we will discuss 5 popular spirit animals and their symbolic meanings.  After that, you'll learn how to find your animal guide.

What is a Spirit Animal?

A spirit guide is a divine entity assigned to guide us from the higher realms. The Earthly experience can be full of complications and sometimes we feel lost off the path. Spirit guides whisper directions to our higher consciousness and continually steer us back on track of our life purpose. Spirit guides can be passed loved ones, members of our spiritual family whom we have not yet met on Earth, Angels, Masters, and even animals.  

5 Popular Spirit Animals & Their Symbolic Meaning

  • Fox - The fox is quick thinking and can maneuver swiftly around obstacles. When life provides challenges, the fox is there to guide you.  Known for its adaptability and cunning nature, the fox helps you quickly ascend from chaotic situations and back on track.  Because it is known for nocturnal activity, the fox often shows up in dreams.
  • Buffalo - The buffalo is powerful and abundant.  It is a sacred survivor.  The buffalo spirit animal teaches you to walk strong and calmly down your path, and never to stray from your moral center.  It is all about the present moment and the journey- no shortcuts need to be taken in this life.  The buffalo reminds you that each encounter has an important lesson to teach, and the Universe will provide you with great abundance so long as you stay the course.
  • Owl - The owl represents wisdom and intuitive knowledge.  It is known as the messenger of the Gods.  When your higher self and spirit guides have a direct message to give you, the owl will be sent your way.  The owl places clear signs along your path.  Make sure to pay attention to the small details and coincidences in life, as they are messages from the spirit owl.  The owl can also give direct messages through dreams and dream-like states.
  • Cat - The cat is a quick-witted explorer of the unknown.  Sometimes you are on the right path of life but have come to a halt due to a rut or fear or change.  The cat animal totem will bring fresh courage to face a new adventure and keep on living.  After all, you are here on Earth to experience and learn.  The spirit cat accompanies you as you embark on a journey of self-discovery.  
  • Bear - The spirit bear is emblematic of healing, strength, and grounding.  When it's time to focus on health and healing, the bear totem appears as your guide.  Full of courage, the bear teaches you to stand up to adversity.  When the bear appears, it is time to take leadership and action. The bear is grounding and teaches you to act with confidence and rationality.  Bear connects you to Nature, which is equally as important as Spirit when you inhabit Mother Earth.

How to Find Your Spirit Animal

Some of us may have one constant spirit animal guiding us throughout our lives. Others have various animals guardians that come and go at certain stages of life.  A skilled shaman or reader may help you tap into your spirit animal, who is never too far from your aura center.  You can connect directly with your spirit animal by summoning it when you are in a deep state of meditation or self hypnosis.  You could also do crystal ball or mirror gazing to reach the higher state of consciousness, where you can connect with your spirit animal and extract messages.  

Satin Crystals Spirit Animals

Satin Crystals loves to offer animal totem figurines.  Not only are they full of spiritual force, but they are super adorable!

It's the perfect time to spring back to life and get connected!

Find your Spirit Animals at the Satin Crystals boutique.

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Sheila Satin - February 5, 2021

Hi Ezequiel, thanks for your email. We are actually reducing our stock of crystal animals at the moment in order to concentrate on other categories. We may boost it up again in the future but it won’t be for another few years. So whichever animals you see on our side at the moment are all we have left.

Ezequiel - February 5, 2021

Do you guys have any more animals ?
Lion or panther ? In general any more animals

Lisa Satin - January 9, 2020

Hi Danielle, You may find this article helpful:

We hope you are able to reconnect with your positive self again soon.

Danielle - January 9, 2020

I’ve very recently been informed that I have a dark energy surrounding me and that I should look into a protection spell

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