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How to make Crystal Elixirs

gemstones in waterAre you ready to hydrate your body with the liquid of life? Learn how to create Crystal Elixirs to drink, bathe in, and spritz on your skin.

Enhance your everyday routines with the healing vibrations of Crystal Elixirs. Follow these easy instructions and fuse gemstones into your water.

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What is a Crystal Elixir?

Also known as Gem Elixirs, Crystal Essences, or Gem Waters, a Crystal Elixir infuses your crystal's healing energies into your water. 

What are the benefits of Crystal Elixirs?

Here are some of the benefits of Crystal Elixirs: 

  • They are easy to make

  • There are an infinite amount of Crystal Elixir recipes

  • They are easy to drink

  • There are many ways to incorporate them into your lifestyle

  • You will be more motivated to stay hydrated

  • They help you focus on your manifestations

How do I make a Crystal Elixir?

There are two ways of making crystal elixirs depending upon the stones you have chosen. If you have a stone that is safe in the water, you can use the direct method. For stones that will be damaged in water, are toxic to ingest, or are stones that you are unsure about, use the indirect method.

hand holding clear glass with stones in water for the direct method of gem elixirs

Crystal Elixir Direct Method

For crystals that are safe in water and safe to ingest, clean them physically and cleanse and charge them energetically.

Program your crystals with your intention.

Seal or cover your crystals in a glass container filled with water (filtered water if you prefer drinking filtered) for 24 hours.

If you are energetically cleansing your stones in water, make sure to throw the first batch of water out before making the Crystal Elixir you are going to drink.

You can simultaneously charge your stones and your Crystal Elixir water in the sunlight and/or moonlight. Significant lunar and solar events enhance the powers of your elixir. Check out the Astrology & Crystals Guide

hand holding a glass of water and crystals to show indirect method of gem elixirsCrystal Elixir Indirect Method

For crystals that are not safe in water or not safe to ingest, cleanse and charge them energetically using a non-water method found in Crystal Care.

Program your crystals with your intention.

Use two glass containers. Fill the smaller glass with water and place it in the center of a larger container surrounded by your crystals. Alternately, fill a large glass with water and place a smaller jar sealed with your crystals in the center of the vessel. Let it rest for up to 24 hours. 

woman drinking a gem elixir

How do I use Crystal Elixirs?

The most popular way to use crystal elixirs is to drink the water that has been infused with your stone. If you are not using your elixir as drinking water, preserve it with vodka or brandy. You can then use it for other uses like sprays and essences. 

Here are additional ideas for using your Crystal Elixirs: 

  • Have a dedicated Crystal Elixir water bottle for your daily drink

  • Place your Crystal Elixir in a spray bottle and use it as a hydrating mist for your body and spirit

  • Bathe in your crystal elixir

  • Wear Gem Elixir jewelry and use it like perfume when you need a pick-me-up

  • Place your Gem Elixir in a dropper bottle and drop it on your tongue during your day

  • Combine your Crystal Elixir with your Herbal Elixirs of medicinal herbs like lemon balm, chamomile, or peppermint

  • Add Gem Essences to your healthy smoothies

  • Water your plants with your Crystal Elixirs

  • Make Gem Elixirs for your dogs, cats, birds, everyone in your household!

glasses with tumbled stones

What are some Gemstone Elixir recipes?

Now that you know how to make a Gemstone Elixir, you may need some ideas on types of waters to make. Just like when you are creating crystal layouts and grids, you may work with one crystal or a multiple when making your gemstone elixir.

Here are some Gemstone Elixir recipes to get you started: 

Amethyst Crystal Elixir

Program your Amethyst stones to expand your consciousness. Imagine the water of your elixir glowing with a spiritual purple tone. Every time you drink your Amethyst Crystal Elixir, let your mind relax and think of your Higher Self and your connection to the Universe. Polished Amethyst stones can be used in the direct method. 

Carnelian Gem Elixir

Program your Carnelian stones for creativity and motivation. Imagine the water of your elixir glowing with vibrant orange color. Imagine it lighting your Sacral chakra every time you take a drink. Polished Carnelian stones can be used in the direct method. 

Citrine Crystal Elixir

Program your Citrine stones for confidence. Imagine the water of your elixir glowing yellow and bold. Wear your Citrine Crystal Elixir and drop it under your tongue when you need a pick-me-up. Polished Citrine stones can be used in the direct method. 

Emerald Gem Elixir

Program your Emerald stones for loving connections. Imagine the water of your elixir building a strong net around your Heart chakra. Bathe in your Emerald Gem Elixir and relax while knowing that you are attracting only positive relationships into your life. Polished Emerald stones can be used in the direct method. 

Howlite Gem Elixir

Program your Howlite stones to focus on your life path. Let the energy of the crystals remind you to take the right steps in your day. Imagine yourself walking along the gray lines of your white Howlite stones to reach ultimate happiness with each sip. Howlite should be used in the indirect method of Gem Elixirs. 

Moonstone and Quartz Crystal Elixir for Goddess Energy

Program your Moonstone and Quartz crystals to enhance your goddess energy. Let the stones infuse your Crystal Elixir with all things positive about feminine energy. Moonstone connects you to lunar light and Quartz expands any intention you wish to manifest. Imagine your elixir embracing you in a supportive hug every time it slides through your body. Polished Moonstone and Quartz can be used in the direct method. 

Moldavite and Rose Quartz Gem Elixir for a Higher Path

Program your Moldavite and Rose Quartz gemstones to focus on walking the high road. Moldavite vibrates with a spiritual vibration and Rose Quartz vibrates with ultimate love energy. Green and Pink are also both colors corresponding to the Heart Chakra. Whenever you use your Moldavite and Rose Quartz Gem Elixir, be reminded that you are living in the Higher Realm. You don't have time for the lower frequencies. Let love and spirituality take over your aura. Polished Moldavite and Rose Quartz can be used in the direct method. 

How many stones should I use in my Gem Elixir?

You should use as many stones as is relative to your space. For example, if you are wearing a small vial as a gem elixir, you'll want to use small crystal pebbles. If you are drinking an 8-ounce glass of elixir, you may want one or two tumbled stones. If you are making a pitcher, you could use a large sphere or cluster for your mix. Learn more in Size Guide for Healing Crystals

How often should I change my stones? 

You can change the stones out of your elixir as often as you like. You may want to keep refilling your water in the same container with your stones throughout the day. This is like re-using a tea bag, eventually, it will lose potency. 

We recommend physically cleaning your crystals every time you clean your glass container to prevent bacteria from forming.

woman holding a crystal elixir

Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing

The crystals you choose for your Gem Elixirs are giving off their healing vibrations. If you want to enhance these vibrations, consider using a singing bowl, gong, or tuning fork to further activate your session. Learn more about Tuning Forks and Crystals and Sound Healing and Crystals

Shop for Gem Elixirs Stones

Tumbled stones are the most popular crystals used in making gem elixirs. Find them for sale in the Tumbled Stone Collection or right here on the blog: 

Helpful Crystal Resources

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Sheila Satin - March 15, 2023

Hello LDP, yes, you can make a gem elixir out of Apatite.

LDP - March 15, 2023

Can you use yellow apatite for an elixir?

Lisa Satin - November 25, 2021

Hi Adam,

During the cold winter months, you can definitely charge the elixir using different methods like the singing bowl. You can even find other ideas by reading our Crystal Care article here:

Adam T - November 25, 2021

Hello I was going to ask you about crystal elixer when you are going to make a glass of it do you have to put the elixer outside or can you do it inside the house .does the crystal need sunlight or can the crystal you are going to use for the elixer be charged and cleansed by air and water or Tibetan singing bowls especially during winter when you can’t go outside . I was thinking to get my quartz crystal and run water from the faucet on it then blow air on it or use my Tibetan bowls CD to cleanse and charge the quartz .quartz kind of recharges and cleanses itself anyway but I thought it would be more powerful for healing any crystal Iam going to use I can set by the quartz or selenite but I would not use selenite or angelite or any other crystals that are toxic or dangerous .but can I use these methods or not to make the elixer what do you think please let me know and please tell me about any other methods that would be useful for making elixers inside the house during the winter and cold months thank you very much for your help and advice. I like using crystal elixers cause when you drink them their healing energies go throughout the body healing everything including chakras and meridians and mind body spirit much more healing than my crystal lamps or when using crystals by themselves .

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