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How to Use Essential Oil Crystals

how to use essential oil on crystals and stones

Have you caught on to the trend? Don't just smell. Smell extraordinary! Essential oil jewelry and stones are all the craze. If you want to sport a sweet and irresistible scent, it's time to get your aromatherapy on.

Combining two wellness practices, you can benefit from both Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing when you use essential oils and stones. Find out which stones are the best for your new aromatic adventures in healing. 

Why use Essential Oil Crystals?

Why bother using essential oils with your crystals? Because you can reap the benefit of two sensations together: the physical touch of stones and the uplifting scent of oils. Combining two healing techniques together is sure to elevate your practice to the next level.

Imagine your worries floating away as you inhale a deep breath of sweet orange, fresh morning pine needle, or powerful peppermint. Clean your senses with healing smells of nature. These fragrances are infused directly into your crystals, which simultaneously cleanse your aura and chakras. 

The stress of everyday life melt away as crystals and aromatherapy heal your soul. With essential oil crystals, you feel as though you're floating on a cloud.

Which Crystals can be used for Aromatherapy?

Here are a few stones and methods we recommend for your essential oil adventures. Of course, there are many other ways you could test out. It's all about experimenting. Please keep in mind that some stones carry the oils better than others.

Lava Stones

Volcanic Lava rocks are perfect for diffusing your essential oils because of their naturally porous structure. In its natural state, Lava will absorb the oils, slowly releasing the scent through your day. These can be worn in jewelry form or carried as stones.

Lava stones are our top recommended Essential Oil Crystal.


Moqui Marbles

Moqui Marbles, like Lava Stones, are great absorbers of oil. Although not as porous as Lava stones, the rocky Moqui surface is like a sponge for your favorite essential oils.

Using essential oils on Moqui Marbles transport you to a peaceful state while the stones ground your aura to the earth. Place the oils on Moqui Marble jewelry or Moqui Marble stones.


Basalt stones

Basalt stones are the stones you encounter at a hot stone massage. Their smooth surfaces are excellent for absorbing pools of essential oils.

Large Basalt rocks are great to heat, oil, and use in massage. If you have someone to massage your back with these tension-relieving stones, all the better! Otherwise, lie on top of them and enjoy. 

how to use essential oils on calcite

Raw Calcite

Rough Calcite stones can also be used for aromatherapy. Make sure the stone is not one of the naturally waxy ones. Choose a grainy Calcite, drop in your favorite oil and watch the stone glisten with its newfound slickness. It will go back to its normal state as the oil wears off over time.

Cage & Locket Pendants

Cage jewelry and locket pendants are like a catch-all for your healing treasures. Alongside your crystals, you can add essential oil-soaked pads and strips of positive affirmations to the charms. All your keepsakes in a portable jewel, what more can you ask for?! 


Facial Roller Wands

What a great way to gently incorporate your oils into your facial routine. Facial roller wands can be used to soothe your skin with essential oils. If the oil is too strong, dilute it with your favorite facial mineral oil like coconut or jojoba.

Remember to always clean the rollers in between uses so you don't clog your sensitive pores. 


Leather jewelry

Leather will absorb essential oils like porous stones. A little oil will go a long way on an unwaxed leather cord. Keep in mind that the leather will darken and may permanently stain, so if you are unsure, first test a tiny spot on the back.


How do I use Essential Oils with Crystals?

The above-mentioned stones and jewelry can act as aerial diffusers for essential oils.

Just rub high-quality essential oils with your finger, cloth or q-tip and let it soak and dry before wearing or using them in healing.

Depending on the size of the crystal and how much you handle it, the scent can last anywhere from an hour to a few days. 

how to use essential oils on stones

How do I remove the wax from Lava stones?

Because organic Lava is rough, some Lava stones are waxed with paraffin for a smoother feel. This also makes the stone a darker black in color. The wax can be removed if you want to use the Lava with essential oils or just want to go back to its original state. Take the following steps

1. Boil water in a pot and then turn off the heat.
2. Dip the bead in the water for a second and remove it quickly.
3. Repeat several times until the wax melts off into the water.
4. While still warm, clean the bead in a towel to remove any remaining wax. 

How will my crystals react to oil?

If you use one of the recommended methods above, you should feel secure in using essential oils with your crystals. However, as these are organic stones, you never know what kind of natural veins and craters they may possess. Keep in mind that outside influences like oils may interfere in the stone's structure. 

Essential oils will also make the crystals a little darker, but this usually fades as the oil evaporates. Over time, the crystals may become smoother, especially if you are using the stones physically. For example, if you are holding Moqui Marbles in your hands for grounding or rubbing raw Calcite for stress relief, the stones will wear down over time. 

Let's Get Healing 

Have you tried any of the stones or jewelry we mentioned with essential oils? What is your favorite aromatherapy method? If you have questions, stories or comments, we love to hear them. Feel free to contact us or comment directly here on the blog. 

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