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Your Crystal Horoscope for April 2021

raw moldavite with the word AprilSomething's stirring in the star, and it feels like cosmic love.

Venus masters the month of April. In the matters of your heart, ups are really up and downs are really down.

Mars, Uranus, and Saturn are doing all kinds of funky dances in the sky. Will you find yourself in sync with success or disoriented in distress?

Keep your energy high and your spirit lifted. All signs benefit from Moldavite this month, the alien Tektite of cosmic love and universal frequency.

Read your horoscope now to find out what's in the stars for you. Want your crystal horoscope in your inbox every month? Join the Satin Crystals VIP Club and never miss out again. 

Crystal Horoscope by Zodiac Sign

Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries Monthly Horoscope

March 21 - April 19

Not only are you on top of the Zodiac wheel, Aries, but you are as hot as a rocket! Lots of good things are in your destiny this month. To make sure that everything plays out right, wear this High Vibration Moldavite Necklace to fly through astral April. 

Venus is in Aries from now until April 14th and you're going to be feeling pretty good about yourself, walking with a confident and attractive air. Venus syncs with Mars on the 6th and you may feel a sudden burst of love and heart expressions. The New Moon of the 11th is another opportunity to start new love and romance. Whatever you're wishing for on a personal level has a sweet chance of coming true. Your green Moldavite will ensure your Heart chakra is open and receptive to cosmic love.

There's a shift after April 14th when Venus moves to your Money House. A rush of financial gains comes knocking at your door. Your talents are paying off. The Full Moon of the 26th only accentuates your money momentum. Good news regarding a financial transaction is coming your way.

With love and money on your side, be sure to wear your Moldavite necklace throughout this month and beyond. You want the streak of good luck to keep shooting as you reach for the stars.

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Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

April 20 - May 20

There are some shadows of the soul that need to be reckoned with in early April. The New Moon of the 11th is the time to clear your mind of clutter and look deep within. There's been something blocking your progress as of late that you can no longer ignore. It is time for meditation, reconciliation, and resolve.

For Taurus, Moldavite Cathedral in the Sky gemstones are recommended. Get in touch with the highest realms of your spirituality, remove negative energy, and fly forth with fresh new wings. Use this cosmic crystal in meditation and healing practices.

You'll experience a shift after the 14th when Venus enters your sign. Suddenly you will feel the sense of harmony and peace you desire. A flow of love and money energy ring through your sign.

Venus and Uranus bump fists on the 22nd and the Full Moon shines bright on the 26th. Your Partnership Chart becomes intense with celestial powers and romance is surefire. There may be some dramatics in the picture, but in the end, it will be worth it. Put your Moldavite Cathedral close to your Heart chakra so you and your cosmic lover can feel closer than ever.  

Recommended for Taurus this Month:


 Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

May 21 - June 20

Your April starts with gusto because Mars is still driving his force through Gemini, but once he leaves on the 23rd, he won't be back for two more years! Take advantage of this time to check off your goals from your list. Success is yours to be had. A Moldavite Arrowhead is just what you need to keep you on track and point you to all kinds of rewards.

Venus and Mars hook up on April 6th, which is good news for your romantic affairs. Single Gemini can easily attract someone from their social circles. Maybe someone you thought was just a friend turns out to be more. Have fun and let it flow. Your Moldavite Arrowhead will guide you intuitively through this romance, and keep your green Heart chakra flowing with universal love.

A major project that you had in mind should be started around the New Moon of April 11th. If you were thinking of starting a business venture, website, or another endeavor, the time is ripe and right.

As far as health, the Full Moon of the 26th brings a resolve to a lingering issue. Use the positive powers of Moldavite to help you feel good during your recovery.

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Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

June 21 - July 22

This month begins with career opportunities that you just won't want to miss. The New Moon of April 11th is the time for you to cross over to the next level of your profession. Discreetly, yet quickly, tiptoe your way to success. Motivational Mars is in your 12th House of Isolation, so you will prevail elegantly. Have your Moldavite Bridge near your work area to ensure you cross over into the highest position.

Once Mars moves out of isolation, success will be felt even louder and prouder. You'll feel yourself come to life with new confidence and allure. You feel great, and people notice you.

The Full Moon of the 26th lands in your Love Chart. Romance is in your stars. Keep your Moldavite Bridge near your Heart chakra to form a deep bond with your cosmic lover.

Recommended for Cancer this Month:


    Leo Zodiac Sign

    Leo Monthly Horoscope

    July 23 - Aug. 22

    The New Moon of April 11th is a time for you to boost your educational skills. You might find yourself enrolling in a class, reading an educational book, or pursuing something new in your profession.

    Things will click quickly for you as Venus moves to your chart on the 14th and connects with Uranus on the 22nd. Suddenly, new doors open up at work and you'll be doing things in ways you're not used to. It's a good time to partner up with someone to make this business venture a success, but be sure it's the right fit. Moldavite Two Friends stones can help you attract the right business partner. You two will bring different strengths to the table, but complement each other as teammates.

    In regards to your love life, exciting things could happen in early April. Mars is pumping up your 11th House of Social Circles, and Venus joins the party on April 6th. You're going to have fun with friends. Flirty chit-chat can even turn to more than racy connections. Keep your Moldavite Two Friends stones to make sure you attract the right friends... and lovers!

    Recommended for Leo this Month:



    Virgo Zodiac Sign

    Virgo Monthly Horoscope

    Aug. 23 - Sept. 22

    It's all about work energy for you in early April, Virgo. With Mars at the top of your chart around April 6th and Venus in your House of Money two days later, you just can't go wrong in your career! If you're about to enter a business venture, go for it! The new ideas you have at work can be presented with successful reception. You're a workplace winner right now, Virgo.

    The New Moon of the 11th adds power to your manifestations and it is a great time to gain extra income through passive channels and projects. Make sure to catch this cosmic wave by wearing a Moldavite Cosmic Catch necklace. Don't let those greens escape.

    When the Full Moon arrives on the 26th of April, you are in a ponderous mood regarding romance. Pluto is plundering through your 5th House of Love, and you're in the mood for meaningful connections. You're feeling like you want long and deep conversations with a special person. Put on your Moldavite Cosmic Catch necklace to catch this cosmic soul-mate you desire, or if you've already caught them, never let them go.

    Recommended for Virgo this Month:


    Libra Zodiac Sign

    Libra Monthly Horoscope

    Sept. 23 - Oct. 22

    Libra is all about the lovin' this April. When the New Moon of the 11th rises high upon your Romance Chart, something fresh emerges. Single Libras may find a blossoming new relationship. With lovely Venus moving in sync with Uranus on the 22nd in your House of Intimacy, things are about to get exciting. A sudden encounter has you feeling like the whole world turned upside down, in a good way. As Venus meets Saturn on the 25th, a more casual affair may be in the stars. What a racy time.

    Committed Libras may find their relationships moving to new levels. Are there wedding bells in the picture? Talks of a child? Whatever it is, it's cosmic love.

    All Libras benefit from Moldavite Cosmic Lover Gems this month. You want your love to move mountains and move planets- and it can with the infinite powers of Moldavite. Keep the pair by your nightstand and hold them in your hands when you do love affirmations.

    In other good news, April 23-26th is a good time to elevate your career. Go for that promotion, raise, project, or new opportunity. Mars is on your side when he enters your Career Sector on April 23rd. The Full Moon of the 26th reinforces your success.

    Recommended for Libra this Month:

    Scorpio Zodiac Sign

    Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

    Sorry to say but Scorpio has the toughest challenges for April. That's okay, it means you can come out stronger and wise.

    Starting with the good news, which lies after the April 11th New Moon, your health sees an improvement. Also, if there's something in your career that you haven't had the guts to pursue yet, the stars give you a green light starting on the New Moon.

    Things are tougher in your personal life and relationships. You could have unexpected turns for the worse when it comes to your partnerships or prospects. While amorous Venus blesses your House of Relationships on the 14th, her encounters with Uranus on the 22nd and Saturn on the 25th are tumultuous. There may be some real nastiness in your love life.

    To keep your Heart chakra flowing and your perspective on the high road, Scorpio benefits from wearing a Moldavite ring this month. This cosmic treasure goes wherever you are, and you can gaze into it whenever you need a reminder that the chaos is just temporary.

    The Universe has a plan and an order, written in the stars above. After the Full Moon of April 26th, the love drama will settle down. 

    Recommended for Scorpio this Month:



    Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

    Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

    Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

    April is looking like a real rollercoaster for Sagittarius. Matters of love are the running theme here, as Mars stays in your Partnership Sector until April 23rd. That means you can see passion and connections coming your way; sexual adventures are a great possibility. Yet, there is also a lot of conflict and disagreement between you and your mate that gets you angry. Expect things to be on and off in extremes for a while, and something excellent may occur when Venus and Mars hook up on the 6th. You'll have to go with it.

    To help you trust in the waves of passion and glory, Sagittarius benefits most from Cosmic Pick Moldavite. Trust in the Universe to bring you a star-born gemstone that will help your Heart chakra thrive, even when you don't know what will happen next. Believe in your destiny with Cosmic Pick Moldavite.

    Single Sagittarius is extra hot this month, especially with the New Moon of the 11th happening over your Love House. Venus blesses this area on the 14th, so your chances of meeting someone amazing increase. Keep your Cosmic Pick Moldavite near your heart.

    When Mars moves to your Money House on the 23rd, you find cash flowing out the door. Don't panic, let your Moldavite help you keep trust alive, knowing that it's just temporary.

    Recommended for Sagittarius this Month:


    Capricorn Zodiac Sign

    Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

    Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

    With Venus in your Home and Hearth Sector until April 14th, your life revolves around domestic affairs for the first half of the month. You'll have pleasant moments to work on house projects, gardening, interior decorating, etc.

    The New Moon of the 11th has you starting something new at home too. It's a blissful and easy time for you.

    There's a shift after the 14th when Venus turns to your Love Sector. Single Capricorn could meet someone new, and all Capricorns have romance in the charts. A jolt of mojo can be felt on April 22nd. Venus bumps into Uranus, bringing you a charming encounter in love.

    Those in a relationship might have difficulty after the 23rd when Mars takes over. Suddenly the harmony turns to tension and you find yourself fighting with your mate.

    Capricorns benefit most by wearing a Moldavite Shooting Star Necklace. Its heavy-duty sterling silver keeps you grounded and harmonious while the galactic green Moldavite has you rising above the worldly drama. Wear it close to your Heart chakra to help you find the right love, cosmic love, and avoid negativity.

    Recommended for Capricorn this Month:


    Aquarius Zodiac Sign

    Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

    Jan. 20 - Feb. 18 

    With Mars in your Romance Sector through April 23rd, you feel love magnetism to the max. You look and feel good and you desire a physical attraction with someone great. Venus helps you be a smooth and charming soul as she passes through your Communication Sector. Your words will be like liquid gold, and lovers will be attracted to you like bees to honey.

    Aquarius could benefit from a Moldavite Scroll in April, as it will keep your words and your wisdom solid. People will notice and follow you. Be the leader in love and the workplace.

    After April 23rd, your focus shifts to the workplace, where a major challenging assignment becomes your responsibility. You might feel the tension between coworkers. You may find your team working against rather than with one another. You'll need diplomatic powers to help you get through it, and that's when you turn to your wise Moldavite scroll. The New Moon of the 26th brings resolution, and you come out on top as the winner. You'll be rewarded.

    Recommended for Aquarius this Month:


      Pisces Zodiac Sign

    Pisces Monthly Horoscope

    Feb. 19 - March 20

    Money matters are working out for you this month with Venus in your Income House through April 14th. There's an easy and lovely flow of cash to your stash, and it even amplifies with the New Moon of the 11th. Now's the time to be bold and take charge of your business mind. Transform your money into more money when you invest wisely in real estate, business, or other ventures.

    Since you're doing so well in the green this month, Pisces should keep this money momentum alive by wearing a Big Alien Moldavite pendant. This grand piece trumps any other Moldavite in size and abundance power. Be the Pisces boss you were meant to be with the confidence and backing of galactic Moldavite.

    When Mars moves to your Love Chart on the 23rd, there's an energy shift. You feel on top of the world in romantic matters. Walk confidently with your Big Moldavite around your neck, and the right lovers will flock to you. This is a time for fun and fantasy.

    Recommended for Pisces this Month:


    How's Your Year Going?

    Have you used any of the crystals in your horoscope predictions this year? What kinds of successes have you experienced? Do you love matching up healing stones with your astrological signs?

    We love to hear about all of your experiences. Feel free to comment below on this blog.

    Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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    Sheila Satin - April 29, 2021

    Hi Sandra, thanks for writing. We have birthstone crystal recommendations here:

    Sheila Satin (a fellow Virgo!)

    Sandra D - April 29, 2021

    What are your crystals recommendations for a Virgo sign from your online business?

    Sheila Satin - April 26, 2021

    That’s a great match, Cristian. Here’s an article about Libyan Desert Glass:

    Cristian - April 26, 2021

    Hi, I have a question, which libyan desert would be a good match for moldavite?

    Lisa Satin - April 26, 2021

    Hi Sofia,

    It depends on your location and what shipping speed you select. Here is a link to our shipping policy:

    Let me know if you have any more questions or need assistance. Thank you,

    Lisa Satin

    sofia - April 26, 2021

    hi i would like to know how many days it takes to ship

    Lisa Satin - April 26, 2021

    Hi Lisa!

    Thanks for asking!

    There are certainly many different opinions and uses out there for Moldavite. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all theory for Moldavite (nor any crystal or jewelry, in fact!). Everyone is totally different, and we’ve had customers fall in love with tiny pieces (our Mini Martian Moldavite is the smallest of all) to large jewelry pieces like our Big Alien Moldavite pendants.

    If someone’s telling you exactly what you must have, then they aren’t taking into account that you’re a unique individual. At Satin Crystals, we encourage people to pick by intuition, as well as use how they want to use the stone (and their budget too!). Here is a video Sheila has made about how to pick the right stone for you:

    That being said, we don’t sell most of our Moldavite or crystals by weight. If I were to offer a 2-gram Moldavite for sale, most people don’t know what that means. Just like if I were to offer a 789-gram amethyst ball for sale, even I wouldn’t know what that means! That’s why we sell by size, it’s much more relatable and practical for our customers.

    I see that you got a Cosmic Pick Moldavite, which is on the juicier piece so it will hold more weight than a thinner piece. According to tracking, it should be getting to you soon :)

    I’d love to hear your feedback once you receive and use the Moldavite. Hopefully, it’s the right Cosmic Pick for you!


    Lisa Satin

    Lisa J - April 26, 2021


    I do have a quick question. In my research on the Moldavite I saw someplace where it said for beginners you should have a 3-5 gram piece. Is this true? And if so do you know how many grams is the piece that has been shipped to me? I only know it’s 18mm in size.

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