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Is a Crystal Skull Right for You?

Is a Crystal Skull Right for you I Satin Crystal Blog

Crystals are popular for so many reasons. They come in all different shapes, color, and sizes. If a crystal appeals to you, then chances are you need that crystal for one reason or another. One shape that is starting to grow in popularity is the crystal skull. What does it mean? Should you have one? If you do get one, what crystal should you choose? These questions are common, and this article will help you determine if you should purchase a skull as well.

What are Crystal Skulls About?

Crystal skulls are popular today and for good reason. If you don't know what they are about or why people choose them, you may feel intimidated by them. Just like the crystals you carry or wear, the crystal skull is also used that way so there isn't a particular way to use them or avoid using them.

A crystal skull consists of crystal pieces that have been sculpted together by an individual into the shape of a human skull. Some sculptors will get even more creative and turn the crystal into an alien or something unique but resembling some type of skull.

Some equipment used to make this shaped crystal includes a diamond tipped saw. This saw allows the Artisan to cut out and shape the stone in order to form it correctly and help hold its form.

When you look at a crystal skull, you are either attracted to it or you aren't. In fact, you may even develop a sense of fear or skepticism. You may feel that there is some evil spell abound within the crystal, and if you touch it you will be cursed for eternity. You may just feel good when you touch it because the crystal calms you inside.

The crystal that is used to make the shape of the crystal skull is what you should focus on. Many skulls are made with darker crystals. While dark crystals seem to fit the skull ambience, these skulls can also be made of crystals such as the clear Quartz.

Crystal skulls are found in homes, businesses, and even museums. They are in the United States, and they are around the world. Crystal skulls are not something new that has been created recently. These skulls have been around for a very long time. In fact, there are three categories of crystal skulls.

  • The first category is the ancient crystal skulls which existed over two thousand years ago. There are written documents detailing the crystals used and the important things about them, including the positive effect it had on those who held them.

  • The second category is the old skulls. These skulls were created over fifteen hundred years ago and used for ceremonies and healing.

  • The third category is the modern skulls which were created less than one hundred twenty years ago. These skulls are what we are used to seeing today.

These skulls throughout the times have shared many interesting facts, including the spiritual growth that has been felt and promoted with the skull shaped crystals. If you are looking for spiritual growth, then yes, a crystal skull should be on your shopping list.

Don't buy just some random crystal skull. Walk into the store and take your time. Look at each one as the only skull there. Place your hand on it, and you will know which one you should take home with you.

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