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12 Free Jet Affirmations

hand wearing and holding jet stonesSee no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil with Jet affirmations. These positive mantras help you turn your back against fear and negativity.

Every day, you are bombarded by dark thoughts. Scary people and traumatic events prevail. How can you be the spark of light that humanity so needs?

Begin by reciting these 12 Jet positive affirmations. They heal you from fear and evil that lurks within. They save you from the ugly energy that consumes the world. They transform daily dramas into infinite wisdom.

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How do I do Jet affirmations?

To get fast and easy results with Jet affirmations, you need Jet crystals. These mantras are specifically designed to work with the protective vibrations of Jet. You can grid your space with Jet stones or wear Jet jewelry as you engage in this simple ritual. If you need Jet, you can find it at the Satin Crystals Jet Shop.

Affirmations can be quick and fun. You may recite Jet affirmations at any time silently in your mind. Alternatively, you can make the experience last longer by entering a deep meditation before reciting the affirmations aloud. You could even lie surrounded by jet stones in a crystal layout. The options are endless.

You may choose to say each affirmation once or recite it several times. You might do them all, or pick out a few that are relevant to the moment. Create the combination that works best for you.

Your 12 Jet Affirmations

Here are 12 Jet mantras to recite while you wear and hold Jet crystals and jewelry. These affirmations can be spoken aloud or read quietly.

Jet for Warding off Evil

  • I see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil with Jet.

  • My Jet crystals keep me safe by warding off the wicked.

  • I invoke the ancient spirit of Azabache to protect me.

  • I expel evil from my mind and replace it with divine grace.

    Jet for Overcoming Fear

    • I have nothing to fear, my Jet crystal is here.

    • I rise above my fears.

    • I choose to uproot the fears that live deep within my heart.

    • Even when the end is near, I travel my path without fear.

      Jet for Earth Grounding

      • My Jet stone is made from wood, it roots me to the earth.

      • My Root chakra is planted deep within the planet's core.
      • I am a balanced, grounded, and positive human being.

      • I accept wisdom and healing from my ancient Jet crystals.

        Write Jet Positive Affirmations

        How do you customize positive affirmations to focus on specific goals? Check out this simple guide on How to Write Your Own Affirmations.

        Shop Jet Healing Crystals

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        Your Turn to Affirm

        Do you have any questions, stories, or comments about affirmations? We are happy to hear from you anytime, comment on the blog below.  

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