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Best Lapis Jewelry for Peace, Royalty & Spirituality

sheila of satin crystals wearing 7 lapis lazuli jewelry piecesRoyalty, Spirituality, and Serenity are all excellent reasons to choose Lapis Lazuli jewelry. Infuse your being with the deluxe blue gemstone and attract the peace you have always wanted.

Watch the Lapis Showcase

Click on the video above to watch the Lapis Lazuli showcase in action. Read and shop below. 

Here are 7 of the top Lapis Lazuli jewelry pieces to add to your collection: 

#1 Lapis stretch bracelet

Bond deeply with heavenly peace when you slip on this Lapis Lazuli stretch bracelet. Looking down from heaven, the gemstone orbs are like little planets harmoniously holding hands in a circle. Looking up from the earth, the Lapis crystals are like the midnight sky. They boast a deep blue expanse highlighted by twinkling Pyrite stars and white wisps of the mystical Milky Way. Easy to slip on and off, popular with both men and women, this stretch bracelet brings you the best of all realms. Discover more on the Lapis stretch bracelet...

#2 Lapis leverback earrings

These deep blue gemstone earrings boast a sophisticated style fit for a Royal. Elevate your status in life with the high vibrations of Lapis Lazuli. Secured with a lever-back clasp, these earrings stay put whether you are busy at a diplomatic meet and greet or playing Queen Bee of a high society gala. Subtle but powerful, these Lapis Lazuli earrings radiate with power and poise. Discover more on the Lapis leverback earrings...

#3 Lapis flower pendant

Symbolizing spiritual enlightenment at the third eye chakra, this Lapis flower pendant is intricately carved and wrapped to be hung on your favorite necklace chain. The heavenly bloom takes you deep within your subconscious mind and frees your ego from overdrive. Make your divine intentions known by wearing this blue floral gemstone pendant front and center. Only a few of these beauties remain in the world. Take advantage by taking ownership of this rare Lapis flower charm today. Discover more on the Lapis flower pendant...

#4 Lapis pyrite bracelet 

You have a spiritual mission to accomplish. Don't be derailed by ill-willed enemies. Recruit Pyrite to stand at the helm of your ethereal spaceship. This bracelet enhances the protective powers of Lapis by including additional Pyrite beads in the design. Form a shield of protection and keep yourself grounded during your astral journeys with this remarkable stretch bracelet. Discover more on the Lapis pyrite bracelet...

#5 Lapis sterling ring

When you're ready to gift your finger with its very own little crown, Lapis Lazuli is the ring of choice. Set in a fancy sterling silver frame, your Lapis Lazuli gemstone ring is ready to rule. Give a majestic wave to your adoring fans. Whenever you gaze into your celestial blue ring, you are reminded of your spiritual purpose in life. Program your healing stone to help you focus on your intuition and you will never lose your way. Discover more on the Lapis sterling ring...

#6 Lapis peace bracelet 

Instead of bullets, you choose peace. This Lapis Lazuli bracelet was designed for peacekeepers, constantly making the delicate transitions from conflict to friendly resolution. Wear this bracelet and transform your life's obstacles into lessons learned and battles won. Finally find 'Serenity Now', not the hilarious joke from the sitcom Seinfield, but the true feeling of balance and healthy self-esteem! Discover more on the Lapis peacekeeper bracelet...

#7 Lapis skull pendant 

This kitschy aviator skull pendant shows off your playful side. Featuring midnight blue Lapis Lazuli, this fun-loving charm is a nod to the fact that we are all just skeletons inside. No matter what flashy style you choose for your outside, you are connected to every human soul on the inside. Do you want to vibrate with peace from the very core of your being? Do you want to honor your humanity and Oneness with the Universe? Choose Lapis skull jewelry and reveal your inner truth to the world. Discover more on the Lapis skull pendant...

Your Lapis Lazuli Look

How do you feel wearing Lapis Lazuli jewelry? Do you have any of these pieces in your collection? 

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry. You can email us directly or comment on the blog below. 

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Lisa Satin - January 24, 2022

Hello Tien,

We currently have these Lapis bracelets available:

15.5cm is approximately 6.1 inches, so you might try a size 6.25. Here is a video on how to measure your size:

Please let us know if you need further assistance with this order.

Tien - January 24, 2022

I need to buy lapis bracelet , my wrist about 15.5 cm rounds . Can you send to me a picture of elastic one

Lisa Satin - January 21, 2022

That’s interesting the Lapis disappeared. Whatmore, another customer wrote to us a few hours later that her Lapis pendulum disappeared! Very unusual. Here is an article you might find helpful about the meaning of lost and broken stones:

We currently don’t have any new Lapis. I will attempt to see if I can find something similar from my European vendor in mid-January. If so, we will certainly let you know!

Julette - January 21, 2022

Hi Lisa & Shelia

Happy Holidays to you both.

I am still in love with the pendants I bought from you. However, by some strange occurrence one night during a bad dream I wake up to find the lapis lazuli gone from my necklace. I am sure I had it on. Still shocked. This stone had been good to me based on what I was experiencing at the time and I would love to enquire if you have a similar stone I would be interested to make a purchase. (lapis Lazuli and citrine) even if I have to ask my jeweller to make it into a pendant. I am as interested in real stones as the ones I bought from you.

Sheila Satin - August 23, 2020

Thank you for your message. You can purchase any of our current Lapis at:

We do not have a WhatsApp number, but you can email us here anytime:

Satin Crystals

George Iwuagwu - August 23, 2020

I need Lapis lazuli from afghanistan
send me the photos and the cost total delivery cost by ups
i also need your phone number and WHATSAPP number

Best regards,


Sheila Satin - April 20, 2020

Hi Fred, we did not have an actual store. We work exclusively online now. Thanks for asking! Let me know if you need anything else. ~ Sheila Satin

Fred - April 20, 2020

Do you have actual store in Oakland ?? I live in Brentwood and would love opportunity to connect locally if possible !!!

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