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Your Tropical Larimar Jewelry Showcase

two larimar teardrop pendantsWhy wear precious Larimar jewelry? Because you could use some chill vibes!

These rare Dominican Republic gemstones put your mind at ease. Larimar is called the Caribbean Gemstone and the Dolphin Stone because it is all about the happy and calm lifestyle.

Get yourself something new and something blue. These jewelry pieces are perfect for travel and vacation. They also relax you now, no matter where you are. Take a look at the top 15 Larimar designs below.

Don't worry, wear happiness on your soul.

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15 Larimar Tropical Jewels

Featured in your special showcase are Larimar pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. You can find even more genuine jewelry pieces in the Satin Crystals Larimar shop.

Pretty Pectolite Pendants

Larimar is a rare type of Pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic. When you wear these sterling silver pendants, you feel happiness at your heart and empowerment at your throat. Did you know it's also called the Dolphin Stone? Sing with joy and express yourself by living the life you desire.

What's your vibe?

Dolphin pendant for Playfulness 

Starfish pendant for Dreams

Teardrop pendant for Tranquility

Double Gem pendant for Blessings  

Blissful Blue Bracelets

Bring the paradise of the tropics to the palm of your hands with Larimar bracelets. Did you know that Larimar is called the Caribbean Gemstone? When you wear these precious bracelets, you move with grace and manifest with greatness. 

Choose from:

Two Hearts Bangle for Love

Beaded Bracelet for Relaxation

Blue Beauty Bangle for Seaside Vibes

Sterling Silver Necklaces

Adorn your soul with the soothing power of sea-blue Larimar. When you wear these sterling silver gemstone necklaces, you feel cleansed and anew. Larimar lavishes you with water-healing elements and a luxurious look.

Choose from:

Goddess Yemaya's Caribbean Necklace

Dragonfly's Song of Light Necklace

Turtle's Don't Worry Be Happy Necklace 

Atlantis Stone Earrings

Larimar earrings guide your thoughts to the Higher Realm. Did you know that Larimar is nicknamed the Atlantis Stone? The lost continent of spiritual Atlantis is said to be under the Bermuda Triangle. There's a lot to think about in this world and the worlds beyond. You might as well look good while you ponder.

Choose from:

Sun Earrings for Beachside Fun

Drop Earrings for Seaside Serenity

Heart Earrings for Honeymooners

Starfish Earrings for Water Vibes

Stud Earrings for Ocean Whispers

Larimar Crystals for You

Larimar is a special stone in a class of its own. What magical blue pieces drew your eye? Check out the Larimar Crystal Collection to see all the offerings or shop right here at your convenience:

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.

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