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How to Use Law of Attraction Crystals

people lying in money and crystalsThanks to the Law of Attraction, like attracts like, and when you are vibrating with the high healing energy of crystals, you can attract what you deserve.

Learn how crystals can enhance your Law of Attraction practice along with stories on how we used them to attract what we desired. 

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woman meditating with aventurine and money

How do I attract money?

Many people write to us asking about crystals for attracting money. They phrase their questions in a very negative and "poor person" tone. This automatically tips us off; it is not money they seek but the energy of abundance.

It is a simple question with a complex answer. It is a long journey that begins with turning your negative thoughts into a positive state. Money is not going to come to you if you are focused on poverty. 

As long as you are willing to put in the work to align your mind to abundance, you will be well on your way to keeping financial richness in your life. 

Here are the top ways to change your mind frame on abundance: 

  • Work on your chakras so that your energy centers are balanced and open to Universal Abundance. This antenna of success occurs at your Crown chakra, but all of the chakras below it must be balanced first. Visit the Chakra Guides to begin your healing journey.

  • Meditation is a powerful tool for sorting out your chaotic thoughts and transcending your mental state. Instead of going about your daily routine in a cycle of poverty, look within and connect with your Higher Self. Meditation with Crystals is even more powerful because it gives you something physical to connect with while you are sitting in silence. 

  • Look up "Law of Attraction" videos and articles online. There is a lot of information out there and there are many spiritual teachers just waiting to impart their wisdom. 

  • To accompany your positive mindset work, you can program crystals to work in your favor. They will be your abundance reminders throughout your day. Whether you wear abundance crystal jewelry or carry abundance crystal stones, you will benefit from this article on How to use Abundance Crystals

We wish there was a magic crystal that would instantly bring you money, but unfortunately, if your mind is not ready for it, you would not know what to do with this windfall. Even with physical money in hand, your mind would be stuck in a poverty setting and the money would be squandered before you knew it. 

If you put in the work and time to change your mindset to a state of abundance, you will attract the money you desire. Crystals are valuable tools that will help you on this journey. 

What are the Law of Attraction crystals?

The practice of the Law of Attraction includes setting your desire, feeling your desire, and releasing it into the Universe with resolute faith. The positive energy of crystals enhances each of these steps; if not only to remind you of your financial goals.

You may choose to use polished crystals, crystal wands, tumbled stones, or raw rocks when focusing on the Law of Attraction. Instead of placing them in your home or carrying them in your pocket, you may prefer to wear healing crystals as jewelry. Use one type of crystal throughout your abundance journey, or use a different healing stone for each of the different steps.

Here are some examples of crystals you may want to incorporate during your Law of Attraction sessions: 

Setting your desires: Use Jade to solidify your goals. This ancient stone is known for its energies of luck and prosperity. It's time to turn things around and unblock the obstacles to abundance in your life. 

Feeling your desires: Use Moldavite to connect with the high vibrations that your realized dreams will bring you. This transformative gemstone connects you with what could be and helps you feel it into reality. 

Releasing your desires: Use Pyrite to let your goals fly into the Universe. This reflective abundance stone shows you that when you appreciate everything you have, more will be attracted to you. 

Intuition is your greatest teacher when choosing the Law of Attraction crystals. But, if you need a place to start, check out the Abundance Crystal Collection where we have curated a selection of stones for your purpose.

Law of Attraction CrystalsSheila's personal experience with the Law of Attraction

One year, one of my beloved cats, Tally, disappeared for five days. Those were five dark and worrisome days in our household.

Our demanding cat, Charles, was aware of the shift in mood and became extra cuddly as he took over the role of "good cat." Cats, like other animals who are not bound by their ego, can sense energies much more powerfully than most of us humans.

In anxious times, I turn to the Universe to bring me back to an aligned path. Law of Attraction crystals helps me to focus on and access the message of the universe.

The last thing that I wanted to attract is additional unwanted energies, so I had to focus on the positive. I focused on everything I had, everything I have, and everything I will have.

I listened to the Law of Attraction videos, read encouraging articles, wore my manifestation crystals (my favorite is Green Aventurine), and wrote two letters to myself from my future self.

The first letter from my future self was written in the moment of relief, joy, and gratitude for Tally's return.

The second letter from my future self was written in the moment of realization that Tally would never return and how I would cope, move on, and thank her for her presence, and the memories she provided in my life.

They were both emotional letters, both concluding with the fact that life would go on.

The Law of Attraction came through

I am happy to report that the first letter from my future self is the life I am now living.

Upon Tally's return, I did not feel the surge of emotions that I thought I would because I had already experienced them in my manifestation letters.

It was a surreal yet unsurprising feeling when she pranced back down the hallway of our home. I wonder what my parallel self of the second letter is doing, and I hope that she is surrounded by the strength of Abundance crystals.

Lisa's personal experience with the Law of Attraction

I have always been a high achiever with lofty goals and the desire to chase them no matter what. Whether I was after a University scholarship, going off to volunteer for a grassroots organization in Thailand, or opening a storefront in my dream destination of San Francisco, I have always had that innate drive to progress, despite my fears.

My formal introduction to the Law of Attraction was through the popular book The Secret. It resonated with me and I was able to understand it easily.

Soon, I began teaching classes in the Law of Attraction. I also began using important crystals like Jade, Aventurine, and Citrine to attract money and I saw my income multiply within a few years. I still have the same stones in my money box now that I had when I started working with the Law of Attraction for over a decade ago.

What The Secret taught me was that I was still limited in my mindset. Although I was always dreaming and manifesting those dreams, I would get stressed, anxious, and impatient about them.

With the Law of Attraction, you have to balance action with trust. Most people forget about the action part, which is why they just dream and don't take the steps to follow through. For me, it was the issue of trusting that things would line up once I had taken the right actions.

I am still a high achiever, prancing around here and there to get what I desire. But now I am much more trusting and flexible with the process, enjoying the journey rather than dreading it. Now I have a family in tote, and we chase our dreams together.

women meditating with aventurine lotus crystals

There are no limits to abundance

If you have questions, comments, or stories to share on the Law of Attraction crystals, feel free to post them on the blog below. 

Here are additional links for your abundance journey: 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. 

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Lisa Satin - December 1, 2021

Hi Mary Ann,

We are sending lots of good vibes your way for healing.

As to medical advice and recommendations, we would leave that to your doctor.

Crystals can help you feel good and engage in holistic practices like meditation and affirmations.

When it comes to crystal combinations and colors, it really has to do with individual beliefs and preferences. For example, one person may think green helps their cancer cells grow while another may think green helps their health thrive. It’s a matter of perspective, and that perspective is important considering how powerful your mind is.

I have a friend who’s going through Stage 4 cancer and she has been wearing this Rose Quartz bracelet from our store throughout the journey:

She was attracted to this crystal.

Here are a few links that you may find interesting.

1. The meaning of the color green:

2. What crystals work well together:

3. How to choose the right crystal:

Hope that helps.

Mary Ann - December 1, 2021

Lisa, I’m reaching out to pick at your brain regarding green crystals. Green represents growth. I avoid green crystals because I do not want growth, specifically, the advanced cancer that I have throughout my body. This still leaves a lot of crystals to choose from. Have you ever heard of avoiding certain colors or even this combination before? I do wear a lot of pink crystals. I have breast cancer that has spread to my bones; it’s in my spine, right hip and thigh. Your thoughts on this would be truly appreciated. ~

Lisa Satin - September 7, 2020

Hi Bev,

Obsidian is the best for this. Check it out:

Best wishes with your healing journey,

Lisa Satin

Bev - September 7, 2020

The best crystal to protect
you from jealous siblings
and your own children.
Many thanks and Blessings

Sheila Satin - July 9, 2020

Hi Duhkhakar, thank you for your question. If you are seeking a crystal or pyramid for business growth, we recommend Tigers Eye or Aventurine. We will actually be doing a whole series on both of these abundance stones in the next two weeks, so make sure you are on the Satin Crystals VIP list to get email updates.

Meanwhile, here are the links to both collections:

If you have further questions, just ask!

Here is the link to the abundance collection and page:

Sheila Satin

Duhkhakar - July 9, 2020

Question : Financial growth Crystal or pyramid programming for business growth

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