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Moldavite Bestsellers New & Back in Stock

three hands holding raw moldaviteYou have discovered the transformative power of Moldavite and all it can do for you. Or have you been missing out?

Moldavite continues to be the hottest gem in the galaxy! 

Don't get left behind in the moon dust. Get in on this galactic gemstone today. Moldavite delivers luck and love from the stars above. The ancient meteoric mineral is rare and refined.

Satin Crystals bestseller Moldavites jewelry and specimens are back in stock... for a limited time. We have two brand-new pendant designs you'll love. Famous Moldavite space stones rocket off the shelf. Pick your favorites now before they are gone again.

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Moldavite Jewelry: New & Restocked

The sounds of the Universe echo through your Moldavite jewels. You are a cosmic citizen, and it shows. Which pieces will you wear?

#1 Moldavite 'I am Infinity' Pendant

BRAND NEW! This translucent green Moldavite pendant is a slice of empowerment. When you slip on the galactic treasure, you feel omniscient and infinite. Let the stars and the sky be your playground because you can do anything. Set in sterling silver, your Moldavite pendant says it all.

#2 Moldavite Mini Monster Pendant

BRAND NEW! You're not afraid of monsters! Your Moldavite Mini Monster pendant helps you achieve big manifestations. The real green Tektite gemstone is set in an adorable sterling silver monster claw.   When you wear the Moldavite pendant, you feel fierce, fine, and totally divine. 

#3 Moldavite Stargazer Ring

NEW SIZES RESTOCKED! This precious Moldavite ring delivers the Universe to your fingertips. Gaze into the big sparkling treasure as you tap into the brightest stars of the galaxy. Your premier gem is impressive in size, cut, and energy. When you wear this real Moldavite ring, all eyes turn to you. You are the center of the solar system. 

#4 Moldavite Luck of the Irish Pendant

RESTOCKED, FINALLY! Amplify your fortunes with this charming Moldavite pendant. What a lucky treat to encounter such a big, shimmering green gem. Your luck doubles thanks to the sterling silver Irish Celtic Knot. The Trinity knot ties you to the wise Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Moldavite opens you to a metaphysical realm. 

#5 Moldavite Shooting Star Necklace

ALL SIZES RESTOCKED! This deluxe Moldavite has traveled far distances just to be with you. Wear it close to your heart to benefit from the infinite friendship of this rare alien green gem. Set on a substantial sterling silver chain, the necklace makes a profound impact on both your look and your energy. Be as brilliant as a shooting star with Moldavite. 

#6 Moldavite Keeper of the Universe Pendant

FAN FAVORITE IS BACK! Your new Moldavite locket captures the essence of the universe and keeps it close to your heart. Own the power of the galaxy as you benefit from the vast wisdom of Moldavite.  A genuine green gemstone encased in this attractive gold-toned armor makes a bold statement. Reach for the stars with this stellar Moldavite pendant. 

Moldavite Gems: Welcome Back!

Real Moldavite comes only from the Czech Republic and was created over 14 million years ago during a meteor impact. Most of the Moldavite you see online is fake. Do you want the real thing? Take a look...

#7 Moldavite Bubble Wrap Space Stones

ONLY 3 LEFT!  When the weight of the world bogs you down, this Moldavite Bubble Wrap lightens your spirit. A  touch of cosmic Moldavite melts away your stress and transports you to a realm beyond. This natural green Tektite has interesting pits and craters that please the eye and soul. Even aliens love bubble wrap! 

#8 Moldavite Giraffe Bonded Pair

SO CUTE! ONLY 2 LEFT! There's nothing more satisfying than owning a Moldavite gem... except for owning two. These two bonded giraffes are the cutest pair of Moldavites in the galaxy.  The delicate, elongated green Tektites awaken true love and romance. Each pair of Moldavite giraffes is completely unique. 

#9 Moldavite Tektite Wormhole

POPULAR SHAPE! Your Moldavite "Worm" has wiggled its way through space to bring you a touch of cosmic magic. When you embrace the stunning green Tektite, you feel as though time stops. Let Earthly worries fade and prepare for a journey of your mind. This Moldavite creates the perfect wormhole for dimensional travel, astral meditation, and astrological healing.

#10 Moldavite Saber Wand Space Stone

ONLY 2 LEFT, ACT FAST! If you think space adventures are fascinating, wait until you get a hold of this real Moldavite Saber Wand. The natural Green Tektite keeps you protected on your daily jaunts and spiritual journeys. It funnels the power of the solar system right into the palms of your hands. Get your Moldavite Saber Wand and feel like the winner of many worlds. 

#11 Moldavite Saw through Time Blade

ONLY 3 LEFT! Your Moldavite "Saw" has cut through time and space to be with you. This Green Tektite gemstone is radiating with protective vibrations, letting no evil forces through the gateway of your aura. It displays proudly in the zero-gravity case and can be featured in any room to perfect the energy and ambiance. Don't settle for any random shape when you can own the powerful Moldavite Saw. 

#12 Moldavite Alien Space Shark Fin

ONLY 3 LEFT! Moldavite Shark has traveled a long way through the time and space continuum to bring you the power of the cosmos. Shark spins the law of attraction in your favor, allowing you to go after your goals fearlessly. Be the big fish in your pond of existence. When suspended in its zero-gravity display box, lucky Moldavite makes a unique decor that is sure to get folks talking. 

#13 Moldavite Cosmic Castle Gem

ONLY 2 LEFT, ACT NOW! From the highest place in the universe, the mighty Moldavite Cathedral was created. Ringing with heavenly vibrations, your green cosmic castle is a gateway to the spiritually sublime. When you want to be in touch with Masters and angels, this gemstone lifts you to their levels. Your Moldavite Cathedral is special in shape because it stands upright on its own, a beacon reaching for the stars. 

#14 Moldavite Tektite Two Best Friends

RESTOCKED IN MANY SIZES! This precious pair of alien Moldavite gems are two friends bonded for eternity. Friendship transcends time and space; true friends remain connected no matter what or where. The Green Tektites are complementary- they look different on the outside but when placed side by side they thrive. Enrich your social circle and life purpose with the admirable energy of these two alien Moldavite Friends. 

Manifesting More...

Have you used any of these crystals? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. 

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Lisa Satin - June 19, 2023

Hi Devi. I’m sorry to hear about your son’s struggle, which also becomes your own. There are two crystals that come to mind for grief: Jet and Obsidian (especially Apache Tear Obsidian).

Here are the links to find these stones and information:

We do offer natural stones in Apache Tear Obsidian, here:

One of the best crystals specifically for sleep and insomnia is Amethyst:

I hope this helps a bit and please do reach out with additional questions or comments.

Devi N - June 19, 2023

My adult son has a really hard time falling asleep at night. I think grief of losing his older brother is one factor. What crystals do you think would be helpful with this?

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