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12 Free Moqui Marble Affirmations

sheila of satin crystals holding 4 moqui marble stones in the palm of her hands

Should I Recite Moqui Affirmations?

Are Moqui Stone affirmations beneficial to you? If you can answer yes to one or more of these statements, then the answer is YES:

  • I want to feel the power of the world's strongest Earth Healer gemstone vibrating through the palms of my hand and energizing my body.

  • I'm interested in connecting with my ancestors and learning the secrets of their spiritual ways.

  • Native American culture and artifacts spark my interest.

  • Working with rare minerals makes me feel powerful.

  • I prefer to have a strong and healthy rather than blocked and damaged Root chakra.

If you could relate to one or more of those statements, Moqui Marble affirmations are for you. Start today and feel the power of Shaman Stones by your side.

Your 12 Moqui Ball Affirmations

Take hold of your Shaman Stones to do these affirmations. If you don't yet have them, check out the rare and endangered Moqui Stone Collection to find your perfect set.

Moqui for Shamanic Journeys:

  • I tap into the wise ways of my ancestors as they speak to me through my ancient Shaman Stones.

  • With Navajo Moqui in my hands, I calm my mind and do a spiritual walkabout. Divine visions and revelations lead me to a life of success.

  • I am a believer and receiver of native indigenous holistic healing. 

  • Whenever I hold my Moqui Stones, they take me on a shamanic journey where I converse with my spirit guides and spirit animals. 
  • When I meditate with my ancient Moqui Marbles, they reveal 25 million years of earthly and spiritual secrets to me.
  • I channel my ancestors through my rare Moqui rocks and they give me the guidance I need to make healthy choices.

Moqui for Earth Energy:

  • I am born of the earth and am in touch with my natural intuitions.

  • My Moqui Marbles perfectly balancing my yin and yang energies.

  • My Root Chakra is planted deeply to the earth's core, allowing my body and soul to grow stronger and steadier every day.

Moqui for ending Meditations:

  • As I hold my Moqui Marbles in my hands, my etheric body returns back to earth and aligns perfectly with my physical body.
  • My astral journey comes to an end as my Moqui stones draw me back to planet earth. I return to the physical realm rejuvenated and full of new revelations.
  • I feel my Moqui Marbles vibrating with the force of Mother Earth, and am ready to return to my physical body as a stronger, wiser being. 

Customize your Moqui Stone Affirmations

Do you want to personalize your positive affirmations to align with your specific life goals? Check out this simple guide on How to Properly Write Affirmations.

Your Turn to Affirm

Do you have any questions, stories, or comments about affirmations? We are happy to hear from you anytime, just comment on the blog below.  

Get your Rare Moqui Now

Did you know that Moqui Marbles are now illegal to pick off public lands? Coming only from the Navajo Desert, they are rarer than ever. Get your stones quickly in the Moqui Collection or find your perfect pieces instantly:


Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - June 18, 2023

Thank you for writing to us about your experiences and concerns, Nora. I think you will enjoy the positive energy of Moqui Stones, Variscite, and other crystals. You can find many ways to use them for enriching your life.

I have never dealt with negative or cursed crystals in the 20+ years in business, as they are meant to be for healing and happiness. There will always be negative people out there who try to turn a good thing into a bad one.

Here’s an article that can help you understand how positive energy stones work and how some people might think that they don’t work:

About mid-way down is a section titled What experience will I have with my crystal? and a statement saying “The important thing is that you have a positive mindset. If you are trying to do crystal healing with doubtful and cynical thoughts, you are harming yourself instead.”

Also, as you are doing Past Life therapy at this time, you might find this Past Life Crystals article helpful:

We wish you luck on this journey. Please reach out if you have additional questions.

Nora V - June 18, 2023

Hi, I hope you all are doing well. I have always been told by some indigenous elders that I needed the Moqui Marbles as a part of my spiritual journey. However, I chose not to do so until now when working to heal and release some past life traumas which I found out happened in Utah to Idaho areas. I have some gemstones from those areas to use with the Moqui Marbles like turquoise…but I do have one called Variscite and I wasn’t for sure if it would be a good gemstone to use or not. Maybe you could advise me as I do not want something negative to happen or it impact my life negatively since i am trying to clear the past life up from interfering in present day as me and my Beloved Divine Masculine have had a past life together that was brought to my attention that ended in a tragic event and some of what is playing out today with this medical complications…I’ve been told and shown through vision quests that it can be a result of what happened back then

Lisa Satin - June 14, 2021

Hi Dani,

We’re so excited to hear that you’ve already put your crystals to good use!

There are many ways to clean them before charging the stones in the sunlight.
Although lightly cleansing jewelry in water is okay, avoid long-term soaking because it can compromise the cord.

We have an article that provides you with several ideas on how to clean charge and program your crystals:

Let us know which ones end up being your favorite methods, and we’d be glad to hear about your crystal feedback too :)

Dani - June 14, 2021

Hello I just got me mochi stones and wanted to know how to cleanse them, I actually have been putting them in the sun for an hour now, how can I cleanse them?

I also got the 3 strands of obsidians, the black, mahogany and snowflake.
I cleaned them with some mild soap and water and I have them in the sun as well , am I doing this right? how else could I clean them before using them?
Thank you

Lisa Satin - September 7, 2020

Hi Stephanie,

When you find a crystal, it means you could benefit from that energy. It’s a good idea to start using it right away.

I recommend you clean, charge and program the stone with the healing intentions you want to use it for- in your case post-traumatic stress and negativity.

Instructions can be found here:


Lisa Satin

Stephanie - September 7, 2020

I love your informative website. I actually found one of these stones in Texas. I had a tremendous amount of loss in my family and feel a lot of negative energy being sent to me possibly by the few family members still surviving . I truly believe this stone was sent to me with purpose. It is perfect sphere with a nodule. I only have one do you have my suggestion regarding any healing of post traumatic stress and negative vibes being sent my way? Any help to why I was blessed finding this stone so far away from its natural habitat. Sincerely Steph

Sheila Satin - August 31, 2020

Hi Kelly, that’s a good question. You always have good questions! People use the conjoined twins as male-female balanced within themselves, but you may feel differently once you hold them. They are specifically for attracting soulmates to you. I actually just wrote up our Moqui rituals and made a video you can find here:

from the article:

Attract your soulmates with Moqui Twins
When you connect with a soulmate, you feel bonded for life. These Moqui Twin Stones grew together in harmony. They vibrate with the magnetic power of attraction.

Hold one Moqui twin in each hand while you do your Law of Attraction manifestations. The Moqui twin in your dominant hand pulls your soulmate to you. The Moqui twin in your non-dominant hand sends out the beacon to broadcast your desires.

Recite positive affirmations to attract the soulmates you seek. Are you looking for a life companion? a best friend? a business partner? Let the Universe know who you are looking for and let the Moqui twins solidify your intentions.

After your manifestations, place the Moqui twins in a space that you want your future soulmate to inhabit. It could be on your second bedstand for a life companion, on a coffee table for your best friend, or on your work desk for your business partner.

Hope that helps!
Sheila Satin :)

Kelly - August 31, 2020

Hi Sheila and Lisa

I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your emails and videos. I was looking at the moqui stone collection and I was wondering about the ones that are conjoined. You wouldn’t really be able to know whether the conjoined stone is consisting of a male and female or two females, etc. right?

So then would it be better to have the pair where you know one is female and one is male? I ask because the conjoined ones caught my attention, maybe because I am in that situation being in my mid to late 50s where I would like to attract my soulmate, having been twice divorced and single for 15 plus years!!

Thank you for letting me know your thoughts!

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