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7 Moqui Marble Rituals

sheila of satin crystals holding 5 moqui marble stones in her handsWhy should I use Moqui Marbles? 

When you use Moqui Marbles, you benefit from their unique powers. Moqui Shaman Stones offer you grounding earth elements, yin-yang balance, protection, planetary healing, and the Law of Attraction.

Learn more about these esoteric stones by visiting the Moqui Marble Meanings Guide

How do I use Moqui Marbles?

You can use Moqui Marbles in a variety of ways depending on what you want to achieve. Below are 7 different rituals for various crystal healing goals.

Before you begin any of these rituals, cleanse your Moqui Marbles and program them with your intent.

7 Moqui Marbles Rituals

Watch the video for an explanation of the first five of these rituals and find the rest below. 

#1 Balance Yin Yang with Moqui Male Female Pairs

Do this yin-yang balancing ritual whenever you are feeling out of sorts. The handy Moqui Marble pair is easy to transport so you can practice this at home or keep balanced on the go.

Place the male Moqui ball under your dominant foot and the female Moqui ball under your non-dominant foot. Choose a soft surface like a thick yoga pad, a mattress, or a pillow so that you don't crush the stones with your full weight. If you are lying down, bend your knees and place your feet gently over the stones. 

Another option is to place them in your hands instead of at your feet. Hold the male Moqui in your dominant hand and the female Moqui in the non-dominant hand. Better yet, have one pair in your hands and another at your feet.

Once you are positioned, you are ready to receive the power of Moqui. The male Moqui ball has an energy that pulls you to the earth, while the female Moqui ball has an energy that lifts you to the sky.

Close your eyes and imagine both sides of your body coming to perfect balance. Within your central core, the earth meets the sky, male meets female, yin meets yang. Your body and soul become a balanced scale and you are as harmonious as the yin-yang symbol itself.

Breathe deeply and remain in this state of balanced tranquility for as long as you desire. This is a great ritual to perform any time you want to center yourself- at home or on the go.

#2 Learn the secrets of the past with Moqui Ancestors

Representing your ties to past generations, the Moqui Ancestor set is perfect to release any trauma that is holding you back in the current moment. If you don't have any particular trauma, you can simply tune in to the knowledge of the past. 

Hold the three Moqui stones between the palms of your hands or place them at your Root chakra. If you have access to a spiritual hypnotherapist, have them perform a past life regression as you focus on the Moqui Marbles. If you are trained in hypnotherapy, you can do a self-hypnosis session and take your subconscious mind into the past with the help of your stones.

If you are unfamiliar with hypnotherapy yet prefer to work solo, use the Moqui Marbles during meditation. Open your mind to hear the voices of your loved ones who have passed on to the great unknown. Recognize the things that no longer serve you and let them go. Focus on your Moqui Marbles and absorb the wisdom they have to imparted after being on this earth for millions of years.

It may take a few sessions before you are able to tap into the past, but be persistent and learn to let go of your rigid thoughts. The Moqui Marbles are your ticket to shamanic journeys with those who have gone before you. 


#3  Aromatherapy with Moqui Jewelry

Instead of letting your day slip away in chaos or boredom, make sure things go just right by wear Moqui Marble jewelry.  Not only does it keep your mind steady, but Moqui Jewelry also adds a unique flair to your fashion. These tiny Moqui Marbles are lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear.

Each moment is an opportunity to live life to the fullest. Every time you see your Moqui Marble jewelry at your wrist on a bracelet, at your chest on a necklace, or dangling as earrings- make a conscious effort to calm down and enjoy the present moment. If at any moment in the day you feel stressed, bored, angry, or anxious, take a deep breath and gaze down at your grounding Moqui gems.

Enhance the power of your caged Moqui jewelry by dropping your favorite essential oils onto the porous stone. Let your aura take comfort in the aromatic embrace of Moqui. This aromatherapy provides sensory healing and smells good to yourself and those around you.

#4 Five Element Healing with Moqui Star Layout

In this set of Moqui Marbles, each stone represents one of the 5 Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. The Moqui 5 Elements set and ritual provides you with comprehensive universal healing.

First, stretch out and lie comfortably in a star position on your bed or floor. If you wish to connect with nature more fully, you may lie directly on the earth, in the grass or in the sand. Place one Moqui stone at the top of your head, two at your hands, and two at your feet. 

Next, close your eyes and feel the Five Moqui Stones circulate through you in a star pattern. Keep breathing in deep relaxation. Infuse yourself with the healing energy of the natural elements. Feel the calmness of Wood, the passion of Fire, the grounding of Earth, the innovation of Metal, and then purified cleaning of Water. Allow your physical, emotional, and mental batteries to recharge.

Once you are fully energized, you want to reciprocate the healing energy by giving back to Mother Earth. Send some of this newfound elemental force back down into the planet by imagining a star pattern around your body. Let that star sink deep into the Earth's core, nourishing the planet. 

After your ritual is complete, carry the stones with you to continually feel the elements. Alternatively, place them in your garden or potted plants so the Moqui can take rest.


#5 Attract Soulmates with Moqui Twins

When you connect with a soulmate, you feel bonded for life. These Moqui Twin Stones grew together in harmony. They vibrate with the magnetic power of attraction. 

The first step in this ritual is to determine which type of soulmate you are seeking. Are you looking for a romantic companion? Best friend? Business partner? Let the Universe know who you are looking for and let the Moqui twins solidify your intentions.  

Each stone has the perfect balance of male and female energy within it, so it is compatible to work with regardless of your gender or who you want to attract.

Next, recite positive affirmations to attract the soulmate you seek. Hold one Moqui twin in each hand as you do this. The Moqui twin in your non-dominant hand broadcasts your desires to the universe. The Moqui twin in your dominant hand pulls your soulmate to you. 

After your manifestations have been recited, place the Moqui twins in a space that you want your future soulmate to inhabit. It could be on your bedstand if you seek a romantic companion. It could be on a coffee table if you want a best friend. It could be on your work desk if you desire a perfect business partner. 

Do this as often as you desire, and with as many soul mates as you wish to see manifested. This is how the Law of Attraction with Moqui works.

#6 Empower Goddess energy with Three Moqui Sisters 

Every set of three is perfect and complete. The Three Moqui Marble Sisters create an empowering trifecta. They represent body, mind, and soul. 

To begin the Three Sisters ritual, lie down in a comfortable location. Place one Moqui stone at your Heart chakra, one at your Third Eye chakra, and one at the Crown chakra. Breathe deeply and imagine the Moqui sisters pushing your stress down into the Earth, where it becomes buried forever.

All the toxic and unwanted energy in your body becomes replaced with goddess energy.  Imagine all three stones glowing with feminine energy. One strengthens your body at the Heart chakra, the other sharpens your mind at the Third Eye chakra, and the final sister nourishes your soul at the Crown chakra. 

The longer you stay in this position and maintain your visualizations, the stronger you feel in all aspects of life.

After your ritual, keep the three Moqui stones with you for continual healing. Alternatively, place them in a highly visible area so they constantly remind you of your personal power. 


#7 Strengthen Family ties with Moqui Family Stones

This particular Moqui family includes one mother, one father, and one son. You can choose any combination of Moqui shapes to represent your family unit, or contact us for a customized family set. 

Start off by calming your pace of breathing. Clear your thoughts to go into a light hypnotic trance. When you have reached a place of relaxation, you will begin the ritual by picking up one stone at a time. Each stone represents one member of your family.

Hold the stone in the palm of your hands and gaze down softly, imagining your family member being infused with the energy of Moqui Marbles. Give them the gift of a grounding balanced mental state, perfect health, and spiritual purpose.

Repeat this one by one for each family stone. After each Moqui member has been infused, hold all the stones together, and imagine a happy family unit. White protective light surrounds the entire family.

Enact this ritual any time you are feeling tensions, frustrations, or discord in the household. You can also have your whole family participate in a group healing session and pass the Moqui stones around in a circle.

After the crystal ritual, place the Moqui Family stones in a place you all gather like the living room or kitchen table. 

What else can I do with Moqui Marbles?

Besides the specific rituals stated above, you can also use Moqui Marbles for protection, relieving joint pains, sound therapy, and more. Check the Moqui Marble Meanings for in-depth information on these healing stones. 

Where can I buy Moqui Marbles?

You can purchase your genuine stones in the Moqui Marble Collection or here on the blog. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Sheila Satin - February 5, 2024

That is interesting. Thanks for sharing about the fire cleansing!

Nagitax - February 5, 2024

I have a couple of moqui marbles that like to be cleansed with fire. Strange, but this is what I received from them and they enjoyed a short dance over the candle flame. I do this with them every once in a while now and they really like it.

Lisa Satin - May 5, 2022

Hello Christian,

Thanks for writing to us.

We generally believe the rounder ones to be female and the disc ones to be male. If you are in doubt, do some meditation with the stones and find out for yourself which is which!

You may enjoy this article about Moqui Meanings, and on the bottom are even links to Moqui rituals. We hope you enjoy it!


Lisa Satin

Christian - May 5, 2022

I have these two shaman stones I bought from my local crystal shop. But I have a question regarding androgynous moqui balls. I have a disk shaped moqui ball that is completely smooth!!! And I have a perfectly round moqui ball that is coarse and bumpy!! I just need help clarifying what they could be. Please and thank you!!!

Lisa Satin - March 26, 2021

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for writing to us. We have a very detailed page about Moqui Meanings that you can find here:

Toward the bottom is a section about how to clean them.
I wouldn’t soak Moqui in water for long, but any of the other methods should work for these.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Lisa T - March 26, 2021

Dear Sheila or Lisa it’s a pleasure to come across your site so I have 6 moqui balls 4 large & 3 small I’d like to know how to cleanse them saftely please as I use them slot menu thsnks love & light Lisa Telford

Lisa Satin - January 7, 2021

Hi Yvette,

Thanks for your order and the message.

Moqui stones are pretty amazing, one of my favorites. They look so much different than your typical crystal, and you’ll soon experience how they feel/work differently too!

Let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to getting your feedback after you receive your Moqui and bracelet.


Lisa Satin

Yvette B - January 7, 2021


Just found out about Shaman stones. Wanted to know more so I Googled them and found you guys. Great video on You Tube that gave me an education.

Ordered a set from you and I can’t wait to get them.

Sheila Satin - August 31, 2020

Hi Mariya! That’s great that they made it to you safe and sound. Here is a page on how to cleanse your crystals. For Moqui Stones, I would avoid water soaking methods just because if there is a natural groove, the water could get into the inner Sandstone. A little water is okay though, it depends on your stone 😊

Any of the methods good for ALL STONES will work:

A lot of people like to use the burying in earth method since they are so earthy and grounding. Personally, I like to use my singing bowl because it vibrates great energy throughout the space and the stones.

We have also released some positive affirmations that you can use specifically with moqui marbles and specific rituals you can do with them as well:


Mariya - August 31, 2020

Hi there !
I just received my moqui marble male female balls. Could you please tell me what is the best way to clean ,charge ,program them. I was curies as long as this stone is kind of different maybe there is a special way to clean charge and program it
Thank you

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