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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+
FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Moqui Necklaces *New Item Alert*

Ends Friday! Take advantage of the VIP bonus offer and be one of the very first to adorn the new Moqui Marble necklace.

Not on the VIP list yet? It's not too late to join here: Satin Crystals VIP

Be a Moqui Pioneer

We have a new creation for you. 

Be the first in the world to wear this Moqui Marble necklace.  

Get rewarded for it too. 

  • 500 Crystal Points per Necklace
  • This VIP-only offer ends Friday at midnight

1. Purchase the Moqui Marble Necklace or Pendant

2. Register for a free Satin Crystals Account

3. Bonus points will be automatically added after purchase

Buy the Moqui Marble Necklace

Feel your heart and soul vibrate with the force of planet Earth when you wear this rare Moqui Marble necklace. Keep the endangered Shaman Stone safely against your body so it reveals the spiritual secrets of your ancestors. Born only in the Navajo desert, this gift of the Moqui Indians is unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

Have Questions? 

Learn more about these mesmerizing stones in the Moqui Marble Meanings and post any comments and questions about this necklace here on the blog. 

Shop Rare Moqui Shaman Stones

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Sheila Satin - November 22, 2020

Hi, We do not have that ability. We only sell retail on our website to individuals. Thanks for your interest.

Sheila Satin

chaaminda - November 22, 2020

Dear Satin,

Gem therapy is one of our traditional flavors of nature.
Through Healing Crystal you give people a very interesting nature experience.
Warm greetings to you. I intend to give our Sri Lankans a taste of this through
your knowledge and other experiences. I kindly would hope you find a way to gain
experience and knowledge. If you have the ability to make a business deal with your products
and services in our country, please let us know how it can be done.

Thank you
With congratulations

Sheila Satin - October 5, 2020

Hi Kelli, you are welcome to join the vip club at:

You can also create a free Satin Crystals account where you will earn rewards for every purchase, review, referral, and more:

Sheila Satin

Kelli - October 5, 2020

can you add me to list of VIP and get me free crystal

Lisa Satin - September 7, 2020

Hi Maria,

You ARE a part of the VIP and this promotion was for anyone in the VIP. I checked your rewards account. We had added 500 points to your account 10 days ago for the Moqui necklace order.

You also got points for all your orders and reviews :)

Currently, you have over 3,000 points.

You can redeem 2,500 for a $25 discount codes, or wait until you have 5,000 points and get a big reward of a $50 discount.

Here are the instructions on how to see your balance and also how to use those points:

Thanks for being part of Satin Crystals!

Lisa Satin

Maria - September 7, 2020

Just curious, were the 500 points for new subscribers to the vip club only?

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