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12 Free Onyx Affirmations

hand wearing black onyx bracelet and holding onyx crystals

Happy Chinese New Year!

It's the year of the Ox! What a great time to do Onyx affirmations. You deserve good health and protection throughout the year and beyond.

With the tough, forces of Onyx and its direct connection to your Ox spirit animal, brace yourself for greatness. Feel stronger physically and mentally by reciting these easy yet powerful affirmations.

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Do Onyx Affirmations benefit you?

If one or more of these statements relate to you, then the answer is: Yes! You benefit from Onyx Affirmations:

  • I cherish my physical body and strength

  • I am curious to meet my Ox animal guardian

  • I want the strong forces of one of the most protective crystals ever

  • I choose to attract positive energy 

  • I am ready to overcome the challenges in my life

  • I like doing a crystal ritual that is fast, easy, and fun

  • I like Onyx

Your 12 Onyx Affirmations

Here are 12 crystal mantras to recite while you wear and hold your Onyx Stones and Jewelry. Chant them any time of the day or night, as often as you desire.

Onyx for Physical Strength:

  • My body is as strong and solid as my Onyx stone.

  • My Onyx stone harnesses the physical strength of an Ox, infusing me with body health.

  • I cherish my physical body and all that it does for me.

  • My physical energy at my Root chakra activates every time I hold my Onyx crystals.

Onyx for Mental Strength:

  • I channel my Ox spirit animal through my Onyx stone and find the motivation to persevere through any challenge.

  • When I am feeling down or afraid, I hold my Onyx crystal and find self-confidence.

  • My life experiences have made me strong. The obstacles of yesterday have made me a champion today.

  • Where there is a will there is a way. With Onyx, I have a will and I have a way.

    Onyx for Protection:

    • The protective forces of Onyx defend me against dark spells and negative energy.

    • I give gratitude to my Onyx stone because it is one of the most protective crystals in the world.

    • Through my Onyx crystal, I connect with my Ox spirit animal, the ultimate guardian that keeps me safe along the trail of life.
    • My aura is as solid and durable as an Onyx stone. I allow only positive light to enter my space and I filter out destructive forces.

      Customize your Onyx Affirmations

      Do you want to personalize your positive affirmations to align with your specific goals? Check out this simple guide on How to Properly Write Affirmations.

      Your Turn to Affirm

      Do you have any questions, stories, or comments about affirmations? We are happy to hear from you anytime, comment on the blog below.  

      Opt for Onyx Now

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      Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure

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