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Rhodonite Stone Showcase Pink Power!

rhodonite in handsShower in the power of pink Rhodonite stones. Life becomes richer when you attract great lovers, true friends, and calm self-acceptance. In this showcase, you see 16 sweet Rhodonite Love stones, pretty in pink and full of personality.

These healing stones erase the pain in your Heart chakra so you are free to love again. Rhodonite is the perfect pick for you, loved ones, Mother's Day, and every holiday around the calendar.

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Rhodonite Love Stone Showcase

Rhodonite Sweety Spheres

The world is a sweeter place with the love energy of a Rhodonite sphere. Heal your heart and energize your space with this marvelous crystal ball. Get some for yourself and more for your sweeties.

Pretty in Pink attracts soulmates

Venus summons the planet of love

Wild Lovers rekindles romance

Geode digs earth-shattering experiences

Rhodonite Higher Hearts

Did you know that your Heart chakra has two colors? Green for the Heart and pink for the Higher Heart. These heart-shaped crystals tap into your spiritual love. Heal from past pain and connect with people who will cherish your existence.

Wild Lover enhances your passion

Bonded Pair is for friends or lovers

Worry Stone delivers stress-free joy

Rhodonite Friendly Figurines

Rhodonite is the stone of friendship and social circles. These wise animal guardians guide you to the right people at the right time. Say goodbye to social anxiety and hello to lifelong relationships.

Turtle attracts love and loyalty

Bear draws relationships that transcend time

Rhodonite Lovely Healers

A stone of deep and meaningful love, Rhodonite is an intense healer. Pick your favorite healing stones to nourish your heart, improve relationships, and make your home feel happier.

Pyramid is for love from above

Charger energizes your social circles

Cab guides you through life's landscape

Lace egg cracks the code to self-love

Love egg repels haters and draws lovers

Tumbled stones call in good folks

Nodules symbolize deep bonds

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