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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Sodalite Stone Showcase

sodalite pyramid, sphere, wand, roughSodalite stones are a smart choice. This beautiful blue crystal stimulates your logical mind, sharpens your intuitive mind, and relaxes your entire mental state.

Below you find 7 Sodalite Smart Stones and 2 Sodalite Sets.

Your big brain will love Sodalite. Which ones call your name?

You can use Sodalite to rationally solve the many problems that come up day after day. Looking to do some spiritual practices? Sodalite aligns with your psychic Third Eye to induce visions, ideas, and innovations. When you're ready for rest, this blue crystal relaxes the mind and cleanses the energy body.

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Top 9 Sodalite Stones

#1 Sodalite Magic Night Crystal Ball

Do you want to know what magic feels like? Hold this smooth, stunning Sodalite sphere and release the magic of the night blue sky. Stir up enchantment and experiences that strike your soul. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to inspiration when you welcome this Sodalite crystal ball into your metaphysical world. Full of natural mineral inclusions, each Sodalite sphere is unique.  

#2 Sodalite Pyramid Worry Relief Stone 

Feel your worries dissolve as you gaze into the handsome soothing Sodalite pyramid. Take a meditative journey over the snowy mountains and into the cloudy sky. Your sacred stone brings that much-needed peaceful vibration to your home and workspace. Feel feng-shui fantastic with this Sodalite pyramid. 

#3 Sodalite Cat I'm a Wise Guy 

Your charming Sodalite cat is a wise guy. This blue spiritual guardian animal gemstone vibrates with higher wisdom and unbreakable confidence. Invest full force into your soul's growth as you trek toward enlightenment. The faithful Sodalite cat will walk the path you from start to end. 

#4 Sodalite Wand Stress-Be-Gone Roller

Ease your body and mind with the Sodalite facial roller. When you use this crystal healing gem across your face and skin, the stress just melts away. Sodalite clears the clutter from your mind so you feel smart and crisp once more. Look your best and allow others to be impressed by the new relaxed you.

#5 Sodalite Raw Crystal Set Mind Healing

When you're feeling anxious, bring the serenity of the sea to your mind through these Sodalite raw gemstones. The rocky blue crystal pair eases your worries by cleansing away false fears. Let the water element flow through you. Release that resistance that hinders your happiness. These Sodalite stones are the peaceful pieces you need. 

#6 Sodalite Tumbled Stone Set Fortune Seer 

Your Sodalite tumbled stones are key to opening intuitive visionary flow. Gain cutting-edge ideas and insights into the future as your Third Eye chakra bursts open. Make a mandala of minerals by placing Sodalite in your zen space, or carry the blue beauties anywhere you go. You can be a seer and a doer, a leader and a winner with this Sodalite crystal set. 

#7 Sodalite Massage Wand Stress-Free Crystal

Be a stress-free smarty when you heal with this Sodalite massage wand. The blue crystal releases deep-seated knots and emotional baggage so your energy gets flowing again. When you feel right, you think bright. Your new Sodalite wand is the detox tool that keeps your mind sharp.

#8 Upper Chakra Set Spiritual Me

You are a spiritual being. Glow like a celestial soul with your Higher Chakra tumbled stone set. Treat your Crown Chakra to divine Amethyst, your Third Eye Chakra to intuitive Sodalite, your Throat Chakra to expressive Apatite, and your Heart Chakra to loving Aventurine. These Higher Chakra tumbled crystals are pure joy. 

#9 Chakra Set Enlightened Me 

Find a new enlightened you through this gorgeous Chakra cleansing set. Sacred Palos Santo smoke cleans and purifies your gems. Shimmering white Selenite channels moon power to keep your crystals charged. With this set, you are ready to rejuvenate all seven chakras at a moment's notice. Don't settle for dull when you can be brilliant. 

Your Sodalite Stories and Questions

What is your experience with Sodalite? Do you have Sodalite healing crystals or jewelry? Which Sodalite Smart Stones call your name?

We'd love to hear from you. Whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry, you can comment on the blog below. 

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