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Stuck Indoors? Crystals and Virtual Parties, Part 3

jamie of satin crystals playing a tibetan singing bowl wearing unakite cufflinksThe weekend is here and you find yourself stuck at home. If you are a social butterfly, you may be feeling antsy by now. Even if you are a homebody, you may be ready to hang out with your close friends. 

Forget the coronavirus isolation for a while. Stave off loneliness and have some fun with crystals and friends. You don't even need to get dressed up; it's like an ongoing pajama party when you meet behind a screen.

How do you keep the party alive when you can't be with your friends in-person? Here are 5 ideas on how to get virtually social in Part 3 of our Peace Not Panic journey. 

1. Crystal Show & Tell

Gather your friends on your favorite video chatting platform and have a show and tell. If it's mealtime, organize a virtual potluck dinner and catch up on your weekday activities as you would at a Friday happy hour or a Saturday walk around the lake.

To enhance your video experience, here are a few other things to show and tell with your friends: 

  • Show off your current crystal collection. Reminisce about healing stories you have about each. 

  • Have a crystal exchange. Instead of clothing you are no longer using, you can exchange crystals through the mail or in-person after the quarantine. 

  • Show off the crystal mandalas you made this week in Part 2 of this series. If you didn't save the creations, show them the pictures of the mandalas you created. 

  • Your gemstone jewelry collection. Get their opinions if you need a new look for an upcoming event! 

2. Quiz your Friends the Fun Way

After Show & Tell time, squeeze in some fun crystal healing education with your online friends.

Pour a glass of kombucha and break out some flashcards. Make it into a game and find out whether your teammates can guess what stone matches the healing description you are reading out. 

Why not bring it back to the '80s and make your crystal quiz into a game show format? Make answers into a question format like Jeopardy or slowly reveal crystal names Wheel-of-Fortune style. Who will win the grand prize and what will they win?

Need some guidance? Check out Crystal Meanings for over 100 stones and their properties. 

3. Start a Metaphysical Book Club

If you've been putting off reading your metaphysical books, now is the perfect time to form a club. Luckily everything can be found online these days. Don't forget to check your library, they have an abundance of free downloads of e-books and audiobooks.

Maybe you already have a pile of books in the "to-read" pile? Think holistic reads relating to crystals, healing, self-help, or spirituality. Present your list to your group. Once your club agrees on a read, spend your weekend focused on enjoying your book.

When club time comes, brew your favorite hot tea (or cocktail depending on what time it is) and turn on your video chat. Choose a few passages you enjoyed, ask questions about things you didn't quite understand, listen to your fellow book club members' insights into the material. Then, do it all over again. There's a lot to learn!

4. Create your own Sound Bath session

When you can't make it to an in-person sound bath, have a virtual session. Login to your video sharing platform with a few friends and take turns making melodic sounds with the healing tools available.

Does one of you sing like an angel? Have them sing. Does someone have a singing bowl? Have them play it. Does anyone have a pair of Moqui Marbles? Have them rub them together. Does someone have a drum? Have them tap a rhythmic beat. Who has the most soothing voice? Have them lead a guided meditation. 

For those of you who are not performing in the sound bath, lie in a comfortable place surrounded by or holding your favorite crystals. Let the music and vibrations wash over you as you astral travel to out of this world spaces. 

5. Distance Healing across Space and Time

Distance healing was made for days like these. With distance healing, you don't have to be in the same room as the person you want to heal. You just need to focus on their vibrations while sending them loving energies.

If you have a difficult time visualizing, call them up on video chat. Have them sit in a comfortable position, close their eyes and breathe in your healing intentions. Hold crystals in your hands or point it in their direction to aim the stone's energy to your recipient, bypassing space and time. 

After the distance healing session, you could even add in a crystal divination session you learned in Part 1. Have your friend choose from stones you have in front of your screen and divine their crystal fortunes. 

Turn Panic to Peace

The positive in all of this crisis is that the virus is forcing us to use the internet as it was always meant to be used — to connect with one another, share information and resources and focus on our well being.  

Have you tried any of the ideas in this article or the previous posts?

How do you like to spend your time indoors? Do you have any other crystal healing ideas for a rainy day? We'd love to hear your stories and comments. Post them below.  

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Sheila Satin - April 20, 2020

Dear Ann, thank you for your email. Great to hear that you are using your isolation time creatively. That’s also how I see using my time productively :)

We did buy some jewelry from vendors in the past, but now we are focused to selling only in-house pieces.

I took a look at the link you emailed me and your collection looks great. You just need some clear pictures, a good description/story and start doing a lot of advertising (on social media if you don’t have a budget otherwise). I’d recommend starting on Etsy like I did with my jewelry many years ago!

Sheila Satin

Ann Webster - April 20, 2020

Hello Sheila and Lisa
I just want to say you have a great selection of goods on your site.
I too am a business owner and I try my best to trade/buy with other independents.
I started in 2007. my business is in the event industry, mostly working company picnics, university campus events, etc. I am hopeful once we are no longer confined my clients will start planning events again. But in the meantime, I have been using my creative energies (and self-isolation) to design pendants out of crystals and stones. Years ago, when my son worked an aggregate site near Grand Rapids MI he would bring us unique rocks & boulders for my garden, Well this winter we discovered that some of those unique boulders were actually forms of Gypsum, full of beautiful Orange Selenite Crystals, Satin Spar, Calcite and Alabaster with mineral inclusions. I’ve been extracting and hand polishing and have quite a few pieces made and a lot of loses crystal/stones. When I came across your site I was inspired to take a chance to see if you would take a look at what I have?
I’m not sure if you buy from vendors or produce your jewelry in house. I Would be forever grateful for your honest opinion of my collection.
if you do have the time to take a peek at my work, I Thank you
Peace and good health to you and your family,

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