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The Colors of Obsidian Stones

hands holding a mahogany and a black obsidian donut stone

You may love Obsidian for its black, lustrous lava element. This gemstone is naturally created from real volcanic magma. It is one of the most important players in the crystal healing world. Obsidian is the Powerful Protector in Black.

Did you know that Obsidian also comes in an array of gorgeous colors?

How to Find the Colors of Obsidian

Is there color in your Obsidian?

Sometimes, what appears as a Black Obsidian stone is actually harboring a whole world of secret colors inside. Follow these steps to find the rainbow, sheen, and colors inside your Obsidian:

For Obsidian that looks black...

1. Hold your piece to a very strong flashlight or direct sunlight. A wimpy phone flashlight might not do the job, so find the brightest light you can.

2. Slowly move the stone all around and observe it under each and every angle of the light.

Read onward to see the results based on what you have found...

Obsidian Stone Colors

BLACK OBSIDIAN: If your Obsidian stone is completely black and solid, you have Black Obsidian

APACHE'S TEAR OBSIDIAN: If your Obsidian stone is black but translucent with dips, veins, and white Perlite inclusions, you have Apache's Tear Obsidian

MIDNIGHT LACE OBSIDIAN: If your Obsidian stone is black but translucent with striped patterns, you have Midnight Lace Obsidian

RAINBOW OBSIDIAN: If your Obsidian stone shines with one or more colors of the rainbow (Purple, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Gold, Yellow, etc), you have Rainbow Obsidian.

SHEEN OBSIDIAN: If your Obsidian stone shines with glittery flecks of Gold, Silver, Bronze, or a combination of these, you have Gold Sheen Obsidian, Silver Sheen Obsidian, Bronze Sheen Obsidian, or a combo

More Obsidian Rock Types...

Some types of Obsidian do not need a flashlight to be decoded. You can tell what they are usually by first glance. These are other types of popular and powerful Obsidian gemstones:

MAHOGANY OBSIDIAN: If your Obsidian stone is a woody brownish-red tone with black patterns, it is Mahogany Obsidian

SPIDERWEB OBSIDIAN: If your Obsidian stone is a solid blueish gray color usually with spiderweb-like patterns, it is Spiderweb Obsidian

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN: If your Obsidian stone is black with grey snowflake-like patterns on the surface, it is Snowflake Obsidian

To learn about the mineralogical reasons that different Obsidians look the way they do, visit the All About Obsidian page.

Which Type of Obsidian Benefits Me?

To choose the best Obsidian for your needs, you can follow your instincts to see which type you are drawn to. Maybe there is a Mahogany Obsidian bracelet just calling your name. Perhaps the Silver Sheen Obsidian sphere you saw online is something you feel you can't live without. If you're lucky, maybe someone gifted you a piece of Obsidian, and that is the type of stone you were meant to have at the moment.

While our instincts lead us to the correct stone, sometimes it helps to decide based on the healing properties of the different types of Obsidian. 

Obsidian is best known for its protective qualities. All Obsidian is super protective. Each individual classification of Obsidian will have its own special benefits that enhance this energy.

Obsidian Meaning by Type

Obsidian (All): Powerful Protector

Obsidian is the top crystal to protect you from outside negative forces. Are you tired of being bombarded with complaints of coworkers, customers, strangers, and even family members? Obsidian reflects these life-dampening vibrations so that your aura remains safe and fresh. Obsidian befriends you in times of emotional and physical pain. Obsidian is important for healers in their metaphysical practices; it ensures that the client's baggage is not passed to the healer. 

Apache Tears Obsidian: A Shoulder to Cry On


apache tear obsidianApache Tears Obsidian specializes in comforting you through times of sadness and sorrow. When the world feels like it's crashing down upon your head, this stone offers a shoulder to cry on. Apache Tears are an ideal choice to carry with you if you are grieving the loss of a loved one. It is useful any time you are sad or in despair. Apache Tears whisper words of hope and guidance from the Apache Indian ancestral essence. Gift it to yourself or to someone who needs support. Check out the Apache Tear Obsidian collection.

Black Obsidian: Pure Protector

black obsidian mirrorWhen it's all about the protection, pure Black Obsidian takes the crown. Black Obsidian builds a wall against your aura, keeping negative invaders out. It fights off ill-willed people, psychic vampires, and nay-sayers. It opens the pearly gates of your soul only to those who come with love, light, and pure intentions. Black Obsidian stands tall and bold. Place it in every room of your home and adorn your body with this mighty crystal. Check out the Black Obsidian collection.

Mahogany Obsidian: Earth's Elite

mahogany obsidian sphereMahogany Obsidian is for the business elite. Show off Earth's finest mineral in your life. The rich and woody tone compliments your home and office decor. While all Obsidian rumbles and roars with the intense power of its volcanic lava origin, the Mahogany color in this variety adds the element of wood to your healing stone. It is for you rulers who like to remain grounded and in control so that you can lead with rationality, intelligence, and poise. Check out the Mahogany Obsidian Collection.

Midnight Lace Obsidian: Mysterious Sourceress

midnight lace obsidian circleMidnight Lace Obsidian is the mistress of the night, brewing secret magic spells that open up the mysterious realms of the metaphysical world. This stone taps into your spiritual nature, bringing out your inner witch or wizard. When you want to use Obsidian for the occult, gazing and fortune-telling, choose Midnight Lace. It keeps your soul protected as you dabble in the invisible arts. Check out the Midnight Lace Obsidian Collection.

Rainbow Obsidian: A World of Hope and Healing

rainbow obsidian sphereRainbow Obsidian is the favorite healer. Its protective forces are enhanced by its inner beauty displaying the lavish colors of the rainbow. This Obsidian heals your chakras and lifts your entire spirit. It is the crystal of hope and healing, seeing you through the dark and painful times so that you can once again feel as though you're riding on a rainbow. It protects you from the darkness by infusing you with light, each and every step of the way. Gaze into Rainbow Obsidian and feel renewed. Journey beyond the Earth and into the colorful universe when you have this incredible gemstone by your side. Check out the Rainbow Obsidian Collection.

Sheen Obsidian: Guardian with Glitz

silver sheen obsidian sphereProtection is a serious matter, but does it have to be dull? No! Sheen Obsidian exists to fill the role of crystal guardian with glitz. As you feel safe and secure knowing your aura is protected, it's easier to enjoy the fun and pleasantries of life. Are you tired of being paralyzed by worrying, stress, and fear? There is always a bright side to any situation, and Sheen Obsidian shows you how to smile again. In fact, go ahead and enjoy life. The Silver and Gold glitter of this Obsidian variety is the pick-me-up your spirit has been craving. Check out the Sheen Obsidian Collection.

Spiderweb Obsidian: Untangling your Webs

spiderweb obsidian sphereIt's time to clear the cobwebs with the help of Spiderweb Obsidian. Once in a while, you just need to push the reset button and let go of whatever is no longer serving you. Do you have too many possessions that have piled up? Spiderweb helps you sweep them out the door and into the charity bin. Do you have "friends" or "family" that are not genuine? Spiderweb catches their little white lies and helps you see the way out of this messy relationship. As you clear your life from clutter, your spiderwebs transform to dream catchers and you can once again go after the things that truly matter. Check out the Spiderweb Obsidian Collection.

Snowflake Obsidian: Cooling the Rage

snowflake obsidian sphereFiltering negativity from your life means cooling the inner rage when you feel it rearing its ugly head. Snowflake Obsidian is up for the job of taming the monster within. Everyone gets angry, upset, fearful, and irrational at times. Take hold of Snowflake Obsidian to feel the hurtful vibes diffuse and a sense of blissful serenity and acceptance take its place. It is the champion of chill. When it's time to battle the inner demons of your personality, Snowflake Obsidian is your companion. Check out the Spiderweb Obsidian Collection.

The White Holes in Obsidian

Many times, you will find little white craters on the surface of your Obsidian. These are different than the greyish white Snowflake Obsidian patterns that are formed from Spherulite minerals. Little white craters, usually rough, are the result of air bubbles along the surface. Obsidian is hardened lava, after all. During the hardening process, air bubbles can be trapped within the stone. This is completely natural and doesn't affect the healing power of your gem.

Shopping for Obsidian Stones

Obsidian is a positive addition to your stone collection. Shop the Obsidian Collection on the website or here on the blog:

Your Path to Protection...

We will be sending you more in-depth information on Obsidian in the following days. Make sure you are part of the Satin Crystals VIP Club to receive the information in the comfort of your inbox.

Meanwhile, here are other related links to follow: 

What's your favorite type of Obsidian?

Have you used the different types of Obsidian for healing? Which one are you most drawn to?

We would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and questions. Feel free to post them here on the blog below and we'll get back to you! 

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Please I have found an obsium but I don’t know which type is it can you help me?

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