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Top 10 Most Recommended Crystals

top 10 crystal recommendations

Are you maximizing your life potential with the help of crystals? Or have you become so far removed from nature, that perhaps you've forgotten the benefits of healing stones. Crystals can enhance any part of your life, from love and relationships to work and money, spirituality to emotional fulfillment.

Crystals have been the focal point of healing long before hospitals and formal doctors even existed. Think all the way back to the Egyptians, Romans, Vikings, Greeks, and pretty much any ancient culture on the planet. Holistic methods like crystal healing and energy work played a main role in societies. 

As we have slowly lost our connection with Mother Earth and her gemstones, we have forgotten about her healing powers. Let's reconnect with this great energy and surround ourselves with beauty and bounty. The benefits of healing crystals in your life can be tremendous.

Top 10 Crystal Recommendations

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced energy healer, here are the top 10 crystals we recommend at Satin Crystals. This list is based on the most popular and time-proven stones. 

rose quartz crystal

Rose Quartz

Anyone familiar with crystal healing knows that Rose Quartz is the first stone that comes to mind when you seek love. Love energy flows from this pretty-in-pink gemstone. Associated with opening the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz is your gateway into the realm of romance, self-love, love for humanity, acceptance of others and the arduous task of forgiveness. 

Why Choose Rose Quartz?

  • You want to give and receive love in a healthier manner
  • You want to see the beauty in any situation, even tough ones
  • You want to let go of grudges

amethyst healing crystal

Where Rose Quartz is strongly associated with love energy, Amethyst is the first crystal that comes to mind when you seeking spiritual advancement. This is your connection with the higher realms, your intuition, your psychic abilities, and your spirit guides. This amazing purple gemstone is excellent to balance the upper chakras. It helps you see the big picture instead of dwell in the mundane drama of everyday life.

Why Choose Amethyst?

  • You want to enhance your meditations
  • You want to better hear and trust your intuition
  • You are looking to focus on spiritual practices and healing

quartz healing crystal

There is a reason Quartz is known as the Master Healer. It is the all-purpose stone, cleaning the cobwebs out of your aura and pumping it with refreshing positive energy. A power-player in crystal healing, Quartz is the very first stone healers collect. 

Why Choose Quartz?

  • You wish to strengthen your aura
  • You want a stone that balances all of the chakras
  • You are looking for a powerful, self-healing stone

lapis lazuli healing crystal
Lapis Lazuli

This deep blue stone is best known for bringing deep peace. Associated with the Third Eye Chakra, Lapis Lazuli takes you to a state of bliss that you can't find in the chaos of the world. It takes you back to a state of spiritual harmony, connecting you with your Higher Self and allowing you to thrive in a state of bliss. 

Why Choose Lapis?

  • You are seeking peace within the chaos
  • You want to trust in your own powers
  • You want to raise your vibrations 

    jasper healing crystal

    Jasper comes in many different colors, patterns, and varieties. This multi-faceted stone is best known for its nurturing energies, helping you through times of stress and illnesses. Jasper provides slow, earthy energy, great for healers who are working on a leisurely and deliberate pace. This is a stone associated with the Root chakra, helping to activate physical energies. 

    Why Choose Jasper?

    • You are feeling sick, vulnerable and stressed
    • You need some active energy to kick you out of lethargy
    • You want to slow down your hyperactive mind

    obsidian healing crystal

    When people ask us what the best protection stone is, we have always recommended Obsidian. This volcanic crystal comes flowing straight out of the depths of the Earth. It is the protective shield your aura needs. With Obsidian you are protected from unwanted energies, whether they are external forces or toxic people to whom you have formed an unhealthy attachment.

    Why Choose Obsidian?

    • You are ready to focus on the positive side of life
    • You want to cut ties with toxic relationships
    • You don't want to be affected by other people's negativity

    tourmaline crystal healing

    Another highly recommended protection stone, Tourmaline is the guardian of your vulnerabilities, with a mission to make sure no one exploits them. This stone helps you keep both feet on the ground so that you are stable, prepared, and ready for any obstacles. This is especially important for healers who are dealing with outside forces and unknown entities. Keep healthy and grounded with Tourmaline. 

    Why Choose Tourmaline?

    • You want to feel secure in your body
    • You need to boost up your healthy energies
    • You are practicing astral travel, spiritual hypnosis or channeling 

    bloodstone healing crystal

    Known as a sacrificial stone, Bloodstone follows the mantra of a healer. It sacrifices its energies to those in need. This powerful crystal brings strength and courage to your practice. Use Bloodstone to ground your Heart energies to Earth, so that you can focus on doing good in the here and now. 

    Why Choose Bloodstone?

    • You have a chronic healing case that needs attention
    • You need extra courage and stamina in your practice
    • You want to give back to humanity

    tigers eye stone healing
    Tigers Eye

    This fascinating stone is often showcased in rock collections due to its delightful, iridescent outward beauty. Its mysterious sheen hints at metaphysical magic powers. In crystal healing, Tigers Eye is known to bring you confidence, courage, and grounding. Related to the Solar Plexus and Root Chakras, Tigers Eye helps you be fully present here on Earth. This stone allows your personality to shine.

    Why Choose Tigers Eye?

    • You want to succeed in your life goals
    • You are feeling spacey and want to be grounded
    • You need to work on boosting your self-esteem

    moonstone healing stone

    Are you someone who is attracted to the Moon and its lunar magic? Then you will love Moonstone. Channeling the energy of the Moon, this gemstone provides a very feminine vibration. Moonstone's calming presence is like a loving mother, protective, soothing and comforting. It is one of the top picks for psychics, readers, and clairvoyants. 

    Why Choose Moonstone?

    • You need more calming, yin energy
    • You relate to Goddess strength and divinity
    • You want to calm your anxiety

    Honorable Mention Crystals

    Okay, here are a few more recommended stones, just because we could not resist...

      calcite stone meaning

      Calcite is a happy and shiny stone, ready to lift your spirits and twirl you around in joy. This stone comes in so many colors that you can match each of the seven chakras to its own Calcite stone. Calcite helps you gentle cut ties with toxic energies and guides you towards a positive future

      Why Choose Calcite?

      • You are seeking uplifting energies
      • You are feeling stagnant in your routine
      • You want to chill out and relax carefree

      malachite crystal

      Whereas Calcite provides a soft and gentle energy, Malachite has an assertive energy. Malachite has no time to waste; it's ready to go. For healers who are looking for an active stone, Malachite brings up emotional traumas and issues that need to be dealt with before you can move forward and find happiness. Active Malachite can be paired with soothing stones like Rose Quartz, Calcite, or Moonstone for balanced energy. 

      Why Choose Malachite?

      • You are ready to confront your emotional baggage
      • You need a jump start to your Heart chakra
      • You want to use the law of attraction to manifest your future

      Where to get Healing Crystals 

      These top recommended and many other healing crystals can be found here at the Satin Crystals Boutique. We have a fresh selection of crystal healing jewelry, polished stones and raw minerals for your energy healing practices. 

      You can reach out in the Contact box. We would love to hear your positive comments, questions and healing stories. 

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      Lisa Satin - September 17, 2020

      Hi Alok,

      Thanks for writing to us. I completely understand your frustration, because I have gone through the arduous journey of finding help in regards to hearing loss, tinnitus, and an even rarer complication.

      First of all, crystals are not a replacement for your medical needs. I would suggest you surround yourself with Calming Crystals to help you as you go through this. They won’t help with the physical aspect but can help you to remain hopeful and optimistic during tough times. Calming Crystals can reduce the anxiety and stress associated with your condition. Here is a link to the collection:

      We don’t give medical advice, so you will need to find a specialist. I personally had to go through a few hearing doctors to reach one who understood my complex condition. With the help of a hearing aid that also has pink noise programming (which required 6 months of retraining therapy), I am able to live comfortably once again. The difference between getting the right help and the wrong help means the world.

      Seek out tinnitus specialists in your area and don’t quit until it’s resolved. Best wishes.

      Alok Gadi - September 16, 2020

      Hi, can u suggest which crystal to go for as i am suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus. Nothing is helping and i wish to go for crystals.
      Which crystal is best for me and how to use it, like pendent, bracelet, or whatever u suggest.
      Thanks in advance

      Lisa Satin - September 7, 2020


      For negative energy protection, check out Obsidian and Carnelian:

      Best wishes on your healing journey,

      Lisa Satin

      Mrs m - September 7, 2020

      Query on negative energy and safe guard in house and personally From evil eye negativity
      Best stone to buy

      Sheila Satin - March 20, 2020

      Hello Lorraine, thank you for your email.

      We recommend Clear Quartz to you if you are looking for an all-purpose crystal. Quartz is known as the Master Healer and is used as an all-around stone.

      Here is a link to our current Quartz collection:

      You can also read more about Quartz here:

      May you be surrounded in Light and motivation,
      Sheila Satin

      Lorraine - March 20, 2020

      Hi there, I will appreciate your help in choosing an alrounder crystal or crstals. As been a holistic Therapist come all rolled into one very sensitive pisces giver. I will really appreciate your help guarding myself and stop being stuck with no energy to motivate myself
      Kind regards Lorraine 🙏🤗🌟

      Sheila Satin - January 31, 2020

      Hello Hari, thanks for your patience and your questions.

      1. Crystal size matters in terms of space. The larger the space, the larger the crystal you will need for the vibrations to travel. As you know, size is relative.

      For example, if you have a large room, you don’t want a tiny tumbled stone to fill the whole space.

      If you want to carry something in your pocket, you don’t want a heavy cluster to fill the space.

      As you get more experienced, you will be able to tell what size crystal is appropriate for the intention you are trying to achieve. If you are looking for a crystal to reach your body while lying in bed, you could place a large stone under the bed or several smaller stones on the corners of the beds. You could also place smaller stones under the pillow, at your bedstand or hang them from your ceiling.

      You may find Crystal Placement at Home helpful:

      2. Crystals work with vibrations. In relations to chakras, they work with the colors of the chakras along with the corresponding energy centers.
      For example, the Heart Chakra flows with the colors of green and pink crystals. It is also a love center, so it flows with love crystals as well:

      The Solar Plexus Chakra flows with the colors of yellow crystals. It is also an emotional center, so it flows with confidence and happiness crystals we well.

      To learn more about chakras and crystals, visit our Chakra Guide:

      3. Depending on how sensitive you are to energies, you may notice that using crystals that other people have used previously may have an affect on you. You will always want to clean, charge and program your own crystals before using them:

      No, they will not permanently drain of energy. They may pick up energies that are not compatible with yours, but they the crystal’s structure will remain the same.

      I have added some helpful article and links for you to reference. Feel free to ask additional questions during your crystal healing journeys.

      Sheila Satin

      Hari - January 31, 2020

      hiii..i have many problems in my auras and chakras.i recently started usingi have only three doubts….

      1) will crystal size matters its reach of vibration while keeping in room.if i keep it under bed in floor
      will it reach my body.if i use big rock size crystals.
      2)how human chakras auras and vibration of cells relate to energy of it changes the energy of cells
      is it true it affects the energy of chakras. do it have any connection with universal energy.
      3)can any one using reiki or pranic energy drain energy of a crystals used by someone.if yes can i recharge it by keeping
      in sunlight, or is it permanent drain??

      reply when you free

      thank you very much…

      Sheila Satin - January 8, 2020

      Dear Lauren, thank you for your email. You can definitely have a necklace or bracelet with multiple crystals. However, it is also up to your own mental state and healing capacities.

      Some people can multi-task and do a thousand things efficiently. Others can only accomplish efficiency when concentrating on one task at a time.

      If you are a beginner, I would definitely recommend that you concentrate on working with one or two stones at a time. Otherwise, you could possibly spread your focus and healing energies too thin.

      If you are just looking for a pretty jewel for general good energy, then it will not matter. But, if you are looking to program the stones for a specific energy, you will want to focus more on your goal.

      Let me know if that helps and feel free to reply back with followup questions.

      Sheila Satin

      Lauren - January 8, 2020

      Is it possible to have a necklace or bracelet with all the above mentioned crystals? Or would they cancel each other out? I am very, very new to this and would love to know more. Thanks

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