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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

The Top 5 Uses for Meteorites

hand holding three raw agoudal meteoritesYou may be familiar with the world of crystals, but Meteorites are a whole new realm. Perhaps you are already familiar with the power of Meteorites too. Either way, you might want to know what are the best ways to use Meteorites in your energy healing practices. Read on to find the 5 best ways to use your meteorites in healing. 

Whether you are working with Campo del Cielo or Uruacu, Libyan Desert Glass or Muonionalusta, there are techniques that can help you harness the full power of your space stone. 

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The 5 Best Ways to Use Meteorites

1. Open your Crown Chakra with Meteorites

Meteorites are packed with energy from beyond the earth. That means they have incredible vibrations and high frequencies. That makes Meteorites ideal for opening your Crown chakra, which is also your spiritual gateway. Sometimes, keeping your head in the clouds is a great thing after all!

How to open your Crown chakra:

  • Place your Meteorite directly on the top of your forehead, on your head, or near your head

  • Focus on the energetic sensations that the Meteorite gives off. Let your mind relax as you concentrate

  • Imagine a beam of light coming down from space, entering your head

  • Feel your Crown chakra open

  • Receive universal healing energy, messages and insights from the Great Beyond 

2. Do Moon Rituals with Meteorites

Meteorites benefit you during any lunar event. When it's time to celebrate a New Moon, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, or the Moon on any given day and night... turn to your Meteorites. Meteorites have passed by the Moon and through the Earth's atmosphere, making them excellent stones to harness moon energy.

How to do a Moon Ritual:  

  • Charge your Meteorite in the windowsill the day and night of an upcoming New Moon, Full Moon, or Lunar Eclipse

  • After it is charged, remove it from the windowsill and program it with your intention

  • Use the Meteorite for a practice that aligns with lunar energy, which is associated with calm, yin, and psychic power

  • Recommendations include meditation, yoga, reading, crystal layouts, and relaxation

3. Do Sun Rituals with Meteorites 

Meteorites have orbited the sun for eons, some traveling closer to the giant ball of fire than we will ever know. Meteorites contain the building blocks of the Universe. Use your Meteorite to tap into the most primal and important energy that gives life to all- the sun. Sun rituals can be done during Solar Eclipses, or any day of the year, because the sun always rises.

How to do Sun Rituals:

  • Charge your Meteorite during the Solar Eclipse or in the daytime sun, it can be on a windowsill or directly in the garden

  • Program it with your intentions

  • Keep the Meteorite near you as you do activities that are associated with sun energy, which is strength and liveliness

  • Recommendations include physical exercise, goal manifestation, work innovation, project achievements, creative outlets like art, music, or crafts

4. Practice Astrology with Meteorites

Meteorites have been travelling through the Solar System for millions and billions of years, learning the secrets of the stars and the celestial bodies. Astrology is all about the movement of these celestial bodies, and your personal zodiac fortune depends on it. Meteorites are deeply connected to space and astrology, and have arrived on earth to help you.

How to practice Astrology:

  • Read your daily, monthly, or yearly horoscope

  • Once you know what area of your life will be affected by the planetary movements, pick a goal to achieve based on your zodiac recommendations

  • Program your Meteorite to specifically assist you with achieving these goals

5. Wear or Make Meteorite Jewelry

Why not benefit from the power of Meteorites easily and comfortably by wearing them as jewelry. Not only is it an essentially effortless way to harness the power of the cosmos to your aura, but it adds intrigue to your outfit.

How to wear Meteorite Jewelry:

How to make Meteorite Jewelry:

  • Find your favorite Meteorite stones at Satin Crystals

  • Find jewelry ideas by browsing stores, online, or how-to videos 

  • Transform them into jewelry that's appropriate to their shape/form

  • Many Meteorites can become pendants, necklaces, earrings, and some can even become rings or cufflinks

  • Wear your new beloved star-born jewel often

Ready to shop real Meteorites?

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Your Meteorite Journeys

We hope you found these ideas helpful. Let us know about your Meteorite ideas, stories, and experiences.

Here are additional resources for your knowledge: 

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Disclaimer: Metaphysical information is for fun and entertainment only. It is not a replacement for medical treatments.

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Lisa Satin - April 27, 2021

Hi Gaurav!

I think you mean this Meteorite, Uruacu? If so we have a very limited quantity because it’s hard to get. Here is the link…

Please let us know if we can help further.

Gaurav - April 27, 2021

Dear Madam, I am looking for a piece which you have discussed in your video Learning About Moldavite along with Campo del cielo. I was looking for Uruwaciv cystal . But it is not available on your website.

Sheila Satin - April 26, 2021

Good question! I’ll have to check with my sister Lisa as she’s the meteorite collector for Satin Crystals. I know it’s extremely hard to get the authentic ones, especially the rare and not so known ones such as Bassikonou and Ochansk, but if you had hit on “Email me when in-stock” on the product pages, we’ll keep you updated should we ever get them again!

Gao V - April 26, 2021

I was wondering when you’ll receive more of the bassiKouNou and ochansk? I would love to get a couple of those!


Sheila Satin - April 26, 2021

Dear Cathleen, yes, your meteorites will come in suspension box display cases for safekeeping! They will go out this morning once the postal pickup arrives at my studio.

Cathleen - April 26, 2021

Thank you kindly for your email.

I only found your site today and was thrilled to discover meteorites! I was beyond thrilled about the idea of meditating with these in hand and taking along specific pieces when traveling. I’ve since come to realize “handling” is something that should be done sparingly and with great care (gloves & tin foil) to avoid breakdown and rusting. I had no idea!

In an effort to honor the purchase and respect these precious pieces, would it is possible to have them shipped in display boxes?

Sheila Satin - April 26, 2021

Hi Cathleen, thanks for your order. From our faq’s you will see that certificates are only valid from verified laboratories. We only deal in genuine meteorites, but if you would rather buy from a vendor who sends certificates, let me know before I ship in the morning :)

Do your stones come with certificates of authenticity?
Sometimes people will ask if a Satin Crystals gemstone or meteorite comes with a certificate of authenticity. The answer is ‘No’.

Most of the COA’s offered by other gem and mineral shops are quite meaningless- as they print up their own card and include it in your order without having the stone lab verified. It takes a certified meteorologist, mineralogist, or gemologist to be able to determine the composition of your specimen, and most retailers are not qualified to do this yet they offer a certificate anyhow.

But rest assured, we have studied crystals, meteorites, and mineralogy for 20 years and have developed a keen eye for authenticity. Here at Satin Crystals we are experienced and passionate enough to get you the real deal.

Cathleen - April 26, 2021

I have just purchased (2) items. Before shipping, please confirm meteorites come with certificates of authenticity.

Many thanks,

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