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Top 7 Green Jewelry Stones

Top green gemstone jewelry ideas

Springtime rejuvenations are alive and flourishing with the color green. We have just the right gemstones to get you in the blooming mood and prevent you from falling victim to the painful St. Patrick's Day pinch!

Green symbolizes the lush thriving Emerald Isle, magical leprechauns and lucky clovers of Saint Patrick's Day.

In crystal healing, green infuses your Heart Chakra with love energy, encourages the growth of your soul, and connects you deeply to nature.

Choose real green gemstone jewelry any time you need a blast of uplifting color.

Green Gemstone Jewelry

Here are some popular green gemstones to wear for St. Patrick’s Day and every day:


Rich, eye-catching Malachite is the ultimate green gemstone that is popular for its healing properties and fashion-forward personality. Wear Malachite earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces to deck yourself out in a green wonderland.

We recommend this carved Malachite necklace and matching earrings inspired by our last trip to Ireland, the Emerald Isle:



Known for its energies of abundance, this sparkling stone comes in a bounty of green shades from light to dark. Aventurine jewelry glitters with Mica inclusions and brings an extra sparkle to your ensemble. Like the wink of a leprechaun, this charming crystal brings a warm glow to your heart and aura that draws in attractive people.

Check out these green Aventurine arrowhead chokers and pendants:



The lucky charm healing magic of Jade gets you soaring to new heights of prosperity. Green Jade comes in the lightest tint of pale green to the darkest shade of blackish green. The extreme range of hues in Jade allows you to embrace the full spectrum of the color green and wear various pieces with different outfits.

We recommend our white and dark green Jade bracelets to complete your St. Patrick’s day getup:


Tip: if one size is out of stock, there may be other sizes. Click the dropdown for your perfect size. Bracelet Sizing Guide.


Climb high up the green hills of Zoisite to touch the sky and achieve your dreams. Zoisite is not as common as the other stones so it can be worn when you feel like making a unique statement. It often grows organically with red Rubies.

Our Ruby Zoisite necklaces and earrings are perfect for when you need a burst of passion in your love life and Heart Chakra:



One of the most popular green precious gemstones, Emerald jewelry is the defining pinnacle of your St. Patrick’s Day outfit. Wear Emerald in its deluxe green version or get down and dirty with organic Emerald which shows plenty of earthy black inclusions. Emerald jewelry can elevate you to royalty level and have you enjoying life instead of fearing it.

Here are two versions of the elegant Emerald in pendant and bracelet form:



The most rare gemstone of the top 7, Diopside jewelry provides you with that deep green color you need for St. Patrick’s Day. This is the kind of green that makes people notice you. Wearing Diopside jewelry is as fun as sliding down a rainbow and finding a pot of healing crystals at the bottom. 

Put a bird on it! This matching set of Diopside earrings and pendant sway with grace and charm:



For those of you wanting a more muted green, we have natural Bloodstone. Bloodstone is a forest toned mineral with sparks of colorful inclusions. Its subtle dark green can easily blend into any ensemble you pick, while also keeping you pinch-free on Saint Patrick's Day.

Bloodstone is popular year-round because it taps into your courage and opens up your Heart chakra. Try stacking up Bloodstone bracelets and necklaces for a coordinated look:


Keep it Green

Green gemstone jewelry comes in select styles from large hoop earrings to beaded necklaces, from dainty anklets to stacks of stretch bracelets. Available in a rainbow medley of greens, you can scream your Irish pride with bold Malachite or celebrate subtly with a dark Bloodstone. Whichever green jewelry you choose, it is sure to refresh and inspire your spirit.

Dive deeper into the world of green: 

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