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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+
FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Welcome to Ball & Bracelet!

ball and bracelet bundles

Dear Satin Crystals community, we invite you to the soft launch of our brand new specialty boutique site, Ball & Bracelet. You get first access to the web shop and products. 

Here's the Deal! 

You get...

10% off any 2 balls, bracelets, and bundles

15% off any 3 balls, bracelets, and bundles

20% off any 4 balls, bracelets, and bundles

Free shipping on US orders $55 and up

While we offer some of the same pieces you find at Satin Crystals, you also discover fresh finds exclusive to Ball & Bracelet. An attractive feature of our new shop is that you get automatic tier discounts for purchasing multiple gems.

Why Ball & Bracelet?

Over 20 years in the business and Lisa retains her deep love of crystal balls while Sheila keeps her passion for crafting bracelets. 

It just so happens that our customers feel the same way. While we offer thousands of powerful healing stones, balls and bracelets are the most popular by far.

Since you love crystal balls and gemstone bracelets as much as we do, let's delve deeper into these precious stones together.


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