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What Color is your Heart?

what color is your heart It's Valentine's season and love is in the air! It's also in your heart.

What color is your heart today?

Based on your mood at this moment, select a color and learn what it means about your personality in this special era of romance. 

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What is my Mood?

Choose one color from the options below without overthinking; just go with your current mood and instinct. Then, scroll down to see what it means. 

My Heart is Red

My Heart is Pink

My Heart is Blue

My Heart is Black 

My Heart is Purple

My Heart is Orange

My Heart is Brown

My Heart is White

My Heart is Yellow

My Heart is Green

Once you have instinctively chosen your heart's mood for the moment, read below to find out what it means. 

What does your Heart's color mean?

My Heart is Red

Your heart is red today! You're feeling pumped about Valentine's Day and fully charged for love. If you're committed, you are in the mood to celebrate your partner. You love to be in love and it shows. You're hot and you're on fire. If you're single, you're passionate and hopeful about finding love.

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My Heart is Pink

You embody everything that Valentine's stands for. You're a dreamer, an artist, a romantic. You are (or will be) a perfect partner who is gentle and emotional, kind and thoughtful. While you are generous to others, remember to also be generous to yourself.

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My Heart is Blue

You are true and loyal. You are an idealist and you stick to your word, which is why people find you attractive. You aren't afraid to go after what and whom you want. Even if you're single, you won't let Valentine's get you down, because you don't give up.

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My Heart is Black

Does a black heart symbolize bitterness and hatred? No, not necessarily. Black takes on all the colors, hence you have a strong personality. Your love comes in many styles, you can go with the flow and match different people and different occasions. However, you always stay true to yourself. You're a leader who is loads of fun.

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My Heart is Purple

You believe in the love of the divine kind. You want to spend Valentine's with your soulmate. You rise above trivial drama because you know that relationships are supposed to be about substance, sharing the good and the bad. No matter what's going on today, you know the meaning and importance of each moment. You are spiritually wise.

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My Heart is Orange

You are the bold type who goes for what you want. You tend to be direct rather than sappy. You are attracted to people who are beyond normal- those who are gifted with skills and charming quirks. You know who you are and you are proud of it- this is your strength that makes you a strong friend and lover. 

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My Heart is Brown

You're handy and crafty. You can gift handmade items on Valentine's Day and they are well received. You like to fall in love naturally, the old-fashioned way. You're not pushy or forceful. A home-cooked meal together on Valentine's Day sounds fine to you.

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My Heart is White

You are a believer in true love. You like to keep things simple. Sometimes Valentine's Day seems commercialized, but you know how to push beyond that and enjoy the true meaning of the occasion. You're easy to understand and you are attractive because you're truthful.

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My Heart is Yellow

You're an optimist in love. If you're in a relationship, you are hopeful about having a great Valentine's Day and a great future with your lover. If you're single, you're not worried because you know in your heart that love comes when it's meant to be. Like the sun, people like to orbit around your bright personality. 

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My Heart is Green 

You are full of ideas. You like to think outside of the box when it comes to Valentine's Day. Why not plan fun adventures beyond the cliche? Take a long hike or casual picnic or road trip with your special ones. Innovation and creativity are your fortes.

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Your Heart may change colors at any time. Come back again when you feel your mood shift, and learn what it means.

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Matt Lane - February 24, 2020

Than you, this is truly an amazing sight I love your blog cannot get enough. Never stop making this !

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