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What's Wrong with Spiritual People?

what's wrong with spiritual people blogSpiritual people pride themselves on being...spiritual!

There's nothing wrong with that, right? Of course not! Here at Satin Crystals, we encourage everyone to explore their spiritual side. Life is about living your best self, and that involves self-reflection as well as being aware of the world around you. Furthermore, it means thinking about the invisible unknowns.

So what could possibly be wrong with spiritual people? 

3 Things Spiritual People are Doing Wrong... and how to fix it quick!

1. Ignoring their Physical Life

Spiritual people are often very focused on their spiritual side, and who can blame them? In their quest, they sometimes forget to nurture their physical side. Spiritual people need to remember they belong to two realms: Spiritual and Physical. You cannot achieve balance or nirvana if you don't acknowledge both sides of your being.

Quick Fixes:

  • Work on your lower chakras
    Spiritual people like to focus on the Upper chakras (Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown). But if your upper chakras are open and your lower chakras are left closed... is this a real balance? We say no. Surround yourself with Lower Chakra crystals to remedy the imbalance. Buy and use Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra stones.

  • Meditate with Grounding Stones
    A lot of spiritual people love to meditate. They flock to spiritual stones like Amethyst, Lapis, and Quartz. To bring balance to your physical and Earthly side, meditate with Grounding Stones, like Moqui Marbles, Jasper and Black Tourmaline.

  • Visit Nature with Crystals
    Nothing brings you back to nature better than nature itself. Take a trip into nature with your crystals. Go the beach to cleanse your stones in the ocean's tide. Venture into a quiet meadow to do a crystal layout in the grass with your chakra stone kit. Go camping in the mountains with your protection crystals by your side.  

2. Giving Things Away

Giving charity is the root of being spiritual, right? Yes! But I know spiritual people who cross the thin line between giving and being taken advantage of. This is especially true of healers. Spiritual people forget their own worth and then suffer from financial or energetic hardship. If you're spiritual, don't forget that life is about balance. Karma teaches you to give AND get! Just giving leaves you depleted on all levels. You'll have no energy or assets to take care of yourself. That's not what's best for your soul!

Quick Fixes:

  • Stand Up for Your Inner Empath
    Empaths find it way easier to give than to get back. A lot of people take advantage of this. Empathetic spiritual people get burned out from giving too much and getting back too little. It's important to stand up for yourself and your karma.

    Cuprite crystals for empaths help you realize when you're being used. Apatite crystals aids you in pursuing humanitarian activities without getting the shorter end of the stick. These stones teach you how to stand up for yourself so your soul doesn't suffer. Carry them with you at all times because spiritual people tend to be emotionally sensitive and in tune with the emotional world no matter where they are. 

  • Charge for Healing Sessions
    Many spiritual people enjoy giving healing sessions like chakra healing, Reiki, psychic readings, tarot card readings, guided crystal meditations, etc. If it's just a happy hobby, then keep giving. But if you're building a profession or are being taken advantage of, it's time to learn your own worth.

    Healers need to charge money for sessions because they need to pay the bills just like anyone else. A spiritual person doesn't get to live for free. Even the Indian monks in ashrams pay their "rent" through mindful practices like cleaning and garden sweeping.

    You don't need to charge physical money. Energy exchange is an option. Swap an aura reading session for a massage, or a crystal ball reading for a home-cooked meal. The point is that karma is in balance because you know your worth.

  • Meditate with Confidence Booster Crystals
    If you were under the false assumption that spirituality = denying your material needs, you can change this thinking with crystal meditation. Work with confidence boosters like Bloodstone, Tiger's Eye and Jet to overcome your fears of asking others for help.

    It's not easy to stand up for yourself or charge your worth, but you must do this to avoid negative karma. Booster crystals ease you into this healthy new habit. Throat Chakra Crystals open up channels of communication so you can express your own needs to others.

3. Stuck in a Mindset

A lot of people I know would rather say they are "spiritual" than "religious" because the latter rings of negative connotation. Many spiritual people think that religion is restrictive and contradictory. They don't want to be told what to do and how to live. They know that life is complex and different for each person.

And yet after a while, some spiritual people get stuck in the exact same kind of thinking. They believe something to be true, and after a while, they stop questioning it. They might even feel they are superior because they are spiritual.

In my opinion, spiritual means being open-minded no matter what. Spiritual means that even if you believe something to be true, you are still open to the idea that maybe it isn't true. There isn't only one way to see things. Each person's experience differs. Who are you to dictate what is the reality of everyone else in the universe? 

Spiritual means never being right, because there is no right.

Are you stuck in a certain mindset?

Quick Fixes:

  • Meditate with Spiritual Stones
    If you're stuck in a mindset (for example, you get annoyed when people say angels aren't true), it's time to re-evaluate your spirituality. Maybe your crown chakra got blocked along the way and needs to be opened with Crown Chakra Crystals.

    Grab your Meditation Crystals so that you can find your way back to an open-minded essence.

  • Read religious or philosophical books
    Has it been a while since you've read something that goes outside your way of thinking? Open up literature that belongs to a different school of thought. So that you don't lose your place (literally and figuratively), keep tabs with this Tourmaline Bookmark. Be aware of different ideologies and try to learn without judgment. You don't have to accept what you read, but don't dismiss it without contemplation.

  • Practice Non-Judgement
    People who are stuck in a mindset can become judgmental. That's because they think they know what's right. Other people become "wrong". A really spiritual person stops judging because they understand that as a human, their knowledge is limited.

    Maybe you know a vegan who constantly scolds meat-eaters. Maybe you know a meat-eater who always makes fun of vegans. The two may never see eye to eye.

    Check that you don't become a raving fanatic about the ideas you hold. If you need help to stop the train of judgment running through your head, use Calming Crystals. Work with Third Eye Chakra crystals like Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite to release false ideas and gain a wider awareness of your own actions.

Learning Never Ends

Can you relate to any of the spiritual problems or fixes mentioned above? We'd love to hear your stories and thoughts on spirituality. Feel free to comment below or contact us anytime. 

We all need to check ourselves from time to time. Adapting to change and continuous learning are great skills to have as a human being. It is a part of the life experience on Earth. 

Keep up the excellent work and keep progressing.

Here are some additional spiritual resources to advance your journeys: 

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