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Why use Love Crystals?

woman holding rhodonite heart wearing malachite and rhodochrosite and rose quartz jewelryDiscover the reasons you should use Love Crystals to enhance your life. Whether you are looking to attract love, keep love, or open your Heart chakra, these healing stones are ready to serve you. 

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What is love?

This is a big, broad, and beautiful question whose answer lies in your very heart. You were born to the tune of love. You enrich others through your true love. You heal through divine love. Let the love flow!

What are Love Crystals?

Love Crystals vibrate with the highest frequencies of all: love. Love is everywhere and always; it is the essence of life.

Love crystals keep you connected to your inner self, the outer world, and the spiritual universe. They embody the unlimited power of love.

You may have heard about the Love Crystal power players. For complete love, there's Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, and Ruby. For Heart chakra healing there is Chrysocolla, Malachite, and Aventurine. For physical passion, there is Carnelian, Red Jasper, and Garnet.

Yet, there is so much more to know about Love Crystals. 

How do I use Love Crystals to fall in love?

How do I use Love Crystals to stay in love?

How do I use Love Crystals to heal my heart?

These are a few of the many topics we touch upon during your Love Crystal journey.

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Love Crystals for Attracting Love

You want the best people around. People who give, care, and share. People who you can bare your soul to without judgment. Love Crystals attract pure people to your realm. 

Are you looking for the perfect soulmate? Turn to Love Crystals. There's no perfect person but there is someone who can enrich your world through deep, meaningful partnership. Wearing a Rhodochrosite soulmate bracelet tells the Universe that you are ready for the romantic love of your life. 

Desiring fun love? You become your most attractive self when you wear Love Jewelry. A Red Hot Jasper necklace around your aura screams, "Hey! Look at me! I am on fire!". Place a passionate Garnet sphere at your bedside and let the good times roll with drama-free lovers. 

Are you feeling bored? Try expanding your social network. Wear a Tigers Eye confidence ring to overcome social anxiety. Do some positive affirmations with a Rhodonite circle-of-friends sphere and attract the best friends you've ever had. What's life without a little laughter and a whole lot of love?

With Love Crystals, the people you associate with are not there by accident. You control your destiny. Love stones and jewelry are your power tools for finding eternal joy. 

Love Crystals for Forever Love

Love and happiness are synonymous. The most content people are those who are well-connected with other joyous souls. You too can achieve this glowing sense of satisfaction. Catch forever love with Love Crystals.

The first step to finding forever love is to make space for it. Which friends or family members take your time and energy but never give back? Do crystal healing with Carnelian to cut the cord. Slay energy vampires from your life. Make room for healthier people who build you up. Like attracts like.

Love Crystals remind you to focus on caring individuals. Show gratitude to your sister by gifting her a meaningful Rose Quartz Heart. Passing out Rhodonite tumbled stones to your best friends keeps the social circle tight. When you are thoughtful and warm, your love lasts forever. 

Are you tired of getting stuck in the same dramatic relationship over and over again?

Are your lovers dreamy during the first month and nightmarish by the next?

Use Love Crystals to break the destructive cycle. These crystals teach you compromise, compassion, and partnership. These attributes make a relationship last for a lifetime.

Love Crystals for Heart Healing

Are you having constant problems with a partner, family member, or coworker? You've tried before, you've tried again. What is going on? Perhaps it's time to look in the mirror. 

Each person carries their own baggage. This is a result of your current stress, childhood trauma, and past life patterns. You carry negative baggage into each relationship...and so does the other person. It's up to you to take the first step toward healing. What can you do differently?

Malachite is a deep trauma healer. Do a crystal layout with a Malachite healing pyramid at the center of your chest. Allow the divine light of the Universe to release your pain. Feel the flow of love enter from the point of the pyramid and free your Heart chakra from deep-seated trauma.

Chrysocolla is the heartbreak healer. Were you hurt by an ex-lover? Did your parents do you wrong? Your heart broke and it never had the chance to heal. Wear a Chrysocolla daily as you seek recovery. Do a crystal meditation to release buried pain.

You've heard it before and you'll hear it again. You must love yourself before you can reach the pinnacle of healthy relationships. It is a lesson worth learning.

With Love Crystals, your path becomes clearer. Gift yourself a Clear Quartz heart to discover the foundation of pure love: self-love. You enter a realm of spiritual bliss and healing. You are one step closer to enlightenment through love.

Love Crystals for You

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