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Apache Gold Heart Pair Best Friends and Lovers Protection Stone

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  • APACHE GOLD HEART SET: Your heart pair is made from beautiful Apache Gold. Apache Gold is a combination of Pyrite, Steatite, and other minerals. Your hearts are polished and shiny, yet retain natural lines and rough grooves native to genuine gemstones.

  • APACHE GOLD MEANING: Apache Gold aligns the body's magnetism with the magnetism of the Earth. It enhances your sensitivity to the Earth's magnetism, energy, and resonance. Apache Gold fosters a connection with the planet, planetary stewardship, Earth healing, and Earth awareness. This stone brings psychic information into your conscious awareness. Apache Gold aids intuition and your ability to validate and act by your intuition. It detoxifies the Hara Line energy channels. It prevents and eases emotional and physical burnout.

  • SIZE: 1.5 x 1.4 x 0.7, each Weighs: 2.3 ounces, together

  • ONE OF A KIND: Received the exact pair pictured when purchased from Satin Crystals. 


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