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7 New Arrival Gemstones You'll Love

man and woman holding purple amethyst spheres

We love shiny and new crystals, don't you? Here are 7 fresh healing gems that will light up your life. Check it out.

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7 Shiny New Healing Stones

Act fast because they will go fast!

#1 Amethyst Spectacular Rainbow Crystal Ball

This spectacular spiritual sphere sends your soul soaring to a state of enlightenment. The Rainbow Amethyst crystal ball boasts an array of pretty colors within. Rejuvenate all your chakras at once. When you gaze into this supreme Rainbow Amethyst sphere, you get a taste of bliss that you'll never want to miss. 

#2 Shungite Protective Pendulum

You are a being of Light, healing yourself and others with every experience. This protective Shungite pendulum safeguards your energies through crystal sessions and the journey of life. The spiritual evolution of humanity is ongoing. Feel good taking part in positive change with this powerful sterling silver Shungite pendulum.

#3 Aventurine Lucky 7 Stone Set

Abundance, luck, and fortune become yours when you tap into the rich energy of these Aventurine crystals. Seven shiny tumbled stones draw in a delightful vibe of prosperity. Grid them around your home, carry them in your pocket or purse, do crystal layouts and healing rituals. Your lucky Aventurine stone set turns you on to a happy-go-lucky can-do attitude.

#4 Moqui Marble Booming Abundance Cluster

Moqui Marbles may be the world's strongest earth-energy stones, but what is even mightier? Your Moqui Marble Cluster! These natural stones are booming with abundance. The power of numbers is strong with your Moqui cluster, bringing you luck and prosperity in the realms of family, success, and spirituality. Have it all when you possess rare Moqui clusters.

#5 Moqui Marble Alien UFO

Aliens have landed on Earth, and they used the Moqui Marble UFO spaceship to travel here. Your ancient Moqui stone has a unique spacecraft form, making it the perfect vessel for channeling and healing work. Take shamanic journeys and astral travels that stretch your realm of experiences to extraordinary new heights. 

#6 Black Tektite Mystery of Life

The mystery of life is as vast as the Universe itself. Your Black Tektite specimen taps into deep space secrets and reveals alien wisdom. When you are looking for esoteric experiences, take hold of this handsome meteoric glass. Black Tektite transport you to a whole new realm of existence.

#7 Citrine Raw Prosperity Points

Your dazzling set of Citrine crystal points directs you to the path of prosperous living. Blast open your Solar Plexus chakra with the sunny energy of Citrine and experience true happiness and a rich mindset. These raw Citrine gemstones are perfect for manifestation rituals, healing sessions, and crystal grid layouts. 

Bonus: Zero-Gravity Display Case

You love your gems, jewelry, meteorites, and crystals. That's why you keep the smallest treasures safe in this attractive zero-gravity display box. It is perfect for showcasing little items like meteorite specimens, cabochons, cut jewels, rings, earrings, pendants, and more. In the floating case, your healing crystals become an instant work of art.

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