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Barite Article

Mineral Facts

The name Barite is derived from the Greek word barys, which means heavy, alluding to the heft of this mineral. 

Barite is well-known for its great range of colors and varied crystal habits. It is easily identifiable by its heavy weight, since most similar minerals are much lighter.

Metaphysical Properties

Barite is thought to have been extensively used by the Native Americans in their religious practices. Apparently, the Native Americans used it to shape shift as well as to go from the physical world to the spiritual. Some say that Barite is used to promote and stimulate the dream state, allowing one to remember their dreams. If you are into Dream Therapy, then this is a good stone for you.

Working with Barite can increase your understanding of how natural energy flows through living systems, which makes it a helpful stone for anyone involved in health care or the healing arts.

Many crystals can be used to break up energy blockages, sometimes quite violently, but Barite has a gentle and subtle effect and can be used long term over the course of several months to balance your internal flow of energy. Working with this mineral can help you clarify the underlying energy problems that lead to dependence and help you work more effectively to break free of addictions.

Barite can inspire you with new ideas for solving old problems and can help you learn to hear your inner voice, which often already knows the best solution. Meditation with Barite can help you find inspired and original answers and insights about how you can move forward in a positive way. Many healers believe that Barite increases your overall supply of 'Chi' or life energy. Simply increasing the amount of energy available can be unproductive or even dangerous if you don't know how to channel it, but Barite can also provide ideas as to how to use your increased energy for your own benefit or to improve your community and environment.

Physically, Barite is used to cleanse the system of toxins, to soothe a nervous stomach and to assist in the healing of addictions.

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