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Crystals for Him

Crystals for He who has it All

Whether it’s your dad, brother, son, or best friend, he’ll love not getting another tie. Here are some natural stone gift ideas for him:

crystal keychain is the perfect way for you and your energy to go with the man in your life, wherever he may go.

Dress up his suit for those holiday parties with a pair of cufflinks. Our healing crystal cufflinks are designed and presented in a way that transmits a sense of confidence, authority and command.

Many men love the flexibility of stretch braceletsUnique and stylish, they make the perfect gift for your loved one or friend.

3 Suggested Crystals for Men:

Epidote helps men to open and and balance the Heart Chakra. Opening your heart doesn’t necessarily have to be in regards to love, but it helps you tap into your passion and purpose in regards to their job and making a living. Epidote is an excellent healing crystal to release the negativity within. Epidote enhances the positive energies of yourself, others and even other crystals.

Lapis is a hearty blue stone with flecks of Pyrite inclusions. He will find a deep peace in Lapis, calming the chaos of everyday dealings. 

Tigers Eye is a popular stone among men. This manly brown stone brings confidence, courage and grounding. It is also great for logical thinking in business dealings. Give him the balance he needs in the new year to charge towards success!