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Guide to Charging Crystals

The energy of a crystal can become depleted after excessive usage or if it has picked up a lot of negativity from the environment.   In this case, it needs to be charged and revitalized.  We recommend you first clean your crystal before charging, and then program it after the process is complete.

To charge your crystal, choose one of the following methods:  

  • Place in sunlight for one full day.  You can put the crystal out in the garden or in the window sill.  The sun is an excellent source of natural energy and this method is recommended for healing energy purposes.
  • Place in the moonlight overnight.  You can place the stone in the garden or on the window sill.  The moonlight provides psychic energy, and the lunar rays infuse your stone with yin.
  • Place on top of a Quartz cluster.  Quartz is the master healer, and the cluster form is completely natural, hence not tampered.  It can send new energy into your stone.  To infuse your crystal with specific types of energies, other cluster stones can be used as well.
  • Place on top of an Agate Plate.  Crystal plates will give active energy to your stone.  Agate is the most common, but you can charge it atop any genuine crystal slab or plate.
  • Place on top a Selenite slab, cluster, or wand.  Selenite is one of the few stones that is self cleaning and hence does not need much extra care.  It will care for your crystal.

The carnelian egg and malachite turtle are charging on a chrysocolla slab