Crystals pick up negative energies from time to time, and needs cleansing. It is important to clean a crystal when you first receive or purchase it, to clear out the energies that it had previously absorbed.  It is important to continue to do this once in awhile.  After you clean the crystals, you can charge and program them.  Here are some methods that can be used to clean your crystals:

  • Bury crystals in uncooked brown rice (preferred method)
  • Bury crystals in a bowl of sea salt
  • Place crystals on a large cluster or in a geode.
  • Wave the smoke of sage, smudge sticks, or incense over the crystals.
  • Bury crystals in earth for a short time.
  • Hold crystals and cleanse them with your meditative intentions and positive thoughts.
  • Place crystal in a mesh bag and hold in a running stream or ocean for 5- 30 minutes.*
  • Run cool tap water over crystals for 30 seconds.

 ****Note: Not all crystals can be cleaned in water.  Some stones are water soluble, such as selenite, and should never be cleaned with liquids.  Others that are polished may become dull if exposed to water for too long.


This quartz crystal can be cleansed in water briefly when secured in the mesh bag.