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Guide to Programming Crystals

You may have noticed that every crystal has different metaphysical properties.  The most powerful way to attract what you want is by focusing.  Therefore, we recommend that you select one or two attributes of a crystal and then program your intention into the stone.  After the crystal is programmed, it will assist you specifically in these ventures.  For example, obsidian has a wide range of properties.  It is known to be very protective, deflecting negative energy and transmuting it to positive.  Obsidian is also a grounding stone that can help you keep calm and level headed.  Another attribute of obsidian is that it is attract love into your life.  Physically, it is assists with recovery of surgery and major operations, and helps reduce pain.  All these attributes are desirable, but you may select one or two that are most important in your life for this moment.  Please be sure to clean and charge your crystal before programming it, if needed.

Here are the steps to program your crystal, in this case an obsidian:
1.  Make sure that you have cleaned and charged the stone so that it is virtually a "clear slate" ready for your new energy.
2.  Create a comfortable space where you can sit down for a short meditation, even just a minute.
3.  Clear your head of clutter while you hold the crystal in your hand and feel your heat activate its vibrations.
4.  Infuse your intention into the stone by sending a clear mental massage of what you want, or saying your intentions aloud.  The more specific the better.  If you are programming the obsidian for protecting you from negativity at work, you could say something like:
"Thank you for helping me transmute the negative energy in the office to a positive one.  Thank you for diffusing the angry energy of my coworker Martha and allow her critical comments to bounce off of me so that my energy and aura remain balanced. Help me attract productivity, prosperity, and team work professionally and personally"
5.  Your crystal is now programmed.  Begin using it immediately.  In the case of this obsidian stone, you may choose to take it to work with you daily, or leave it on the desk for awhile as it takes effect.
6.  Your crystal will hold this intention for a long time.  If you wish to reprogram it with new goals, you can clean and charge the stone and then repeat this process with the new message.

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