Crystals for the Home

Searching for a host gift or just want to bring some holiday cheer into your own home? Look no further!

The kitchen is the heart of the house. Everyone goes there to talk, to fulfill a need, to share and bond, or just to get some nourishment for the body. For this room, you want a bright color that is also cheerful, like yellow. Calcite is available in yellow, and it really does catch your eye and provide a feeling of warm energy. Place Calcite in the window sill to catch the light of the sun. Place it on the counter tops and don't forget the table!

Slabs and dishes are also wonderful home decor items. Not only are they beautiful and healing, they are also practical and useful. Slabs can be used as platters, and dishes can hold items of all sizes. 

Decorate your home with polished crystal balls, or gift a friend with these healing globes. The sphere represents the most perfect shape in the universe, allowing the energy of the crystal to radiate out equally through all sides. Place crystal balls in the center of a room or table for wholeness and group harmony.