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Polished Stone Article

These are finely cut gemstone slabs used in jewelry. Usually flat on the back and highly polished on the front.

Display Slabs
Adorn your home, office and healing space with display slabs. Bring in an earthy flair with stand-up stones.

Stone Slabs
Slices of natural stone, these slabs are perfect for placing on the body during energy healing. They can also be used as display slabs if they stand up on their own or on a stand.

Therapy Slabs
Therapy slabs are natural chunks of healing crystals, polished smooth to hold as palm stones. Hold therapy stones in your hands for deep peace meditation or place them flat on your body with a healing crystal layout. You can also keep or carry the crystal slabs with you to generate good, circulating energy throughout the day. Because they are smooth, you can also use therapy slabs as massage stones.

Worry Stones
Worry stone slabs are used to relief stress. You can rub your thumb in the indented sockets whenever you are feeling tense. They can also be used as pocket stones to keep the crystal's energies with you throughout the day. In crystal healing, you can use these slabs in chakra layouts.