We have compiled this list of top five crystals for healing because of their popularity and accessibility. You will always find these crystals in stock for your crystal healing needs. These five stones provide powerful energies for large areas of your energetic life.

Top 5 Most Recommended Crystals

  • Amethyst: Enhances spiritual qualities as its royal purple tones are connected with the upper chakras. Amethyst is great for meditation, helping you into a hypnotic state. It also helps balance anything to do with the head like insomnia, nightmares, headaches and hearing. Amethyst can be used to temper alcoholism, anger, addictions and egotism. 

  • Bloodstone: Provides circulation, refreshing the body's energy flow and strengthening the organs and heart. Bloodstone provides courage, enhancing your resolve. The healing stone is used in the Feng Shui money corner to retain wealth. Bloodstone is a dark green stone which may show red inclusions. It is also known as the Jesus stone as you may see its red inclusions being sacrificed during healing exchanges. 

  • Quartz: Known as the Master Healing stone, Quartz is a great all-purpose crystal. This power stone purifies and energizes all energy bodies and chakras. It is also great for energizing other crystals. Quartz is a very common crystal of the Earth and comes in many shapes and colors. In this case we are referring to clear to white Quartz. Use Quartz to strengthen the bones and the brain. 

  • Obsidian: This is our most popular crystal used to absorb unwanted energies and transmute them to positive. This black volcanic stone helps protect our aura, this making it excellent for healers and those dealing with the public all day. Obsidian also helps to gets to the root of problem. Like most black stones, Obsidian is great for grounding energies. You can also grid Obsidian in areas of geopathic stress. 

  • Rose Quartz: Attune to unconditional love with this beautiful pink gemstone. Rose Quartz balances the heart for healthy relationships to give and receive love energy. It opens your heart to better appreciate beauty, art and nature. Place Rose Quartz in the garden for growth. Use Rose Quartz in aiding in grief, problems of the heart, kidney, liver, lungs and thymus. 

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in crystal healing, you will surely see the top five recommended crystals in your collection. Let us know if any of the recommended stones have aided you in your metaphysical journeys!