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Agate Purple Heart Pair Puffy Lilac Love Crystals Spiritual Healing Gift Set P02 (1.8")

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  • PURPLE AGATE HEART PAIR: Ease into your day with these lovely pair of love bird crystal hearts. Your spirit will sing the song of muse and romance when you lay eyes upon the Purple Agate beauties. They don't just emit love energy but love energy of the divine spiritual type. Keep both fo

  • r yourself or share one with that special someone.

  • AGATE MEANING: Agate is your comforting friend when jittery nerves are stopping you from success. Anxious about a work meeting? Too nervous to attend that party? Hold an Agate crystal and feel its soothing energy trickle down your fingertips. Agate infuses your body with calm confidence. It comes in a rainbow of colors. Pick out exactly what you want for any of your seven chakras.

  • CHAKRA, BIRTHSTONE & AFFIRMATION: Purple Agate opens the spiritual Crown Chakra. Agate is the birthstone for zodiac signs Taurus and Gemini. The affirmation for this set is "We sing the song of divine love."

  • SIZE: 1.8 x 1.6 x 1 inches each

  • 100% HAPPINESS: Why choose Satin Crystals? Simple. We only send you the best, hand-picked treasures. We don't sling out random rocks like the rest.


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