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Free USA shipping for orders $50+

Amazonite Cabochon Silver Spark Goddess Stone Stress Release

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  • SHAMANIC JOURNEY INTO PARADISE: Take your soul on a paradise vacation with this soothing sea green Amazonite cabochon. The calming tear drop treasure has a silver sheen that comes alive when you gaze upon it at the correct angle. The Amazonite gem is perfect for holding in your hands to relax, or transformed into a wearable piece that brings you Zen all day long.

  • HIGH QUALITY GENUINE GEMSTONE: You have selected high quality Amazonite sourced from Madagascar. Nature's beautiful gem has been artisan crafted into this shiny timeless treasure that remain forever fascinating. When you order from Satin Crystals, you receive the real deal.

  • AMAZONITE CALMS ANGRY OUTBURTS: Amazonite is a must have stone to help rid of your anger and hot headed outbursts. It is a cool and calming stone that keeps you level headed and enlightened even in times of turmoil. Amazonite balances your emotions and yin yang energies. It opens up your heart chakra to receive healthy love and welcome positive relationships.

  • ONE OF A KIND: This is a one of a kind gem from Satin Crystals. You receive the exact piece seen in the pictures.

  • SIZE: 1.6 x 1.2 inch and 11.2 grams


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