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Amethyst Pyramid 26 Beautiful Purple Red Chevron Zigzag Energy Crystal Healing Stone 4.1"

  • Your crystal pyramid is made from Indian Amethyst. This is a large and pretty deep purple amethyst pyramid, with natural red iron and other minerals. Your pyramid is shiny and polished from edges to point, with some lines and ridges native to authentic gemstones. There is a rocky white line across the pyramid, and some slightly rocky edges that give it an earthy feeling.

  • Beautiful yet on final sale for the bargain hunter's delight. Receive the exact one featured when you order from Satin Crystals!

  • Measurement: 4.1" diagonal base (2.9"L x2.9"W x2.6"H)

  • Weighs: 13.6oz

  • Crystal Healing Amethyst is a very spiritual stone, aligning you with universal energy and life purpose. Opens and balances the Crown Chakra.


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