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Amethyst Sphere Spiritual Bliss Eternity Purple Rainbow Crystal Ball

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  • AMETHYST SPHERE CROWN CHAKRA STONE: This Amethyst ball takes your breath away. Gaze into the lustrous shimmering clear and purple portals to find rainbows suspended in eternity. The orb is so stunning you feel that time has stopped so you may cherish this very moment. Amethyst boasts top spiritual powers. This generous sphere sits smoothly in the palm of your hands during meditation. The Brazilian beauty makes a surreal display in your home or office as a tribute to Earth and Spirit.

  • AMETHYST HEALING PROPERTIES: Amethyst is famous for its high spiritual energy. You should only work with Amethyst if you are ready to move beyond simple worldly matters. It is an intense Crown Chakra crystal that opens your eyes to new realms. Use Amethyst to communicate with Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. Through the stone, they send you signs and messages that help direct you to your true life path.

    Learn More About Amethyst and watch the video on this popular stone.

  • AMETHYST BIRTHSTONE: Amethyst is the birthstone for February. It also is the birthstone of the Capricorn and Pisces zodiac signs.

  • CRYSTAL BALLS SCRYING: Crystal balls are timeless treasures that have been used throughout history for gazing and scrying by shamans and spiritual leaders. The sphere represents perfection, unity, infinity, and the circle of life.

  • ONE OF A KIND: This is a one of a kind gem from Satin Crystals. Please select the desired pattern to see photos of the exact stone you will receive.

  • SIZE: 2.8 inches.


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