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Bloodstone Slab 06 - Green Red Palm Stone Pair

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This is a limited-edition set: Natural Indian Bloodstone is polished into your new crystal healing slabs. Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, is a form of Chalcedony. Its forest green color is caused by small crystals of Actinolite while the highly-sought red flecks are formed by the presence of Iron Oxides. The stone may also show yellow and white patches. The dark Bloodstones are polished into rounded oval palm stones. Each stone varies from the other in shape, color and inclusions, but each is guaranteed to show some red flecks!

Measures: Approx 2.7 x 1 2. x 0.5 inches, each

Weighs: Approx 2.5 ounces (71 grams) together

Crystal Healing: Bloodstone is a healing crystal associated with courage, abundance and circulation. Place Bloodstone in your Feng Shui Money Corner to retain wealth. The stone helps purify the blood and balance blood flow. Bloodstone balances the Heart Chakra.


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