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Free USA Shipping over $50

Carnelian Polished Stone Black Dendritic Agate Shiny Orange Crystal

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  • Your new polished freeform stone is made from beautiful dendritic Carnelian Agate. This is a translucent white Agate with spots of orange Carnelian and black plant-like mineral inclusions. 

  • The big stone is a rounded and polished into a smooth, freeform shape. It contains some natural pockets of roughness.

  • Your stone makes an excellent palm stone for healing work and meditation.

  • Carnelian is a stone of success, motivating you to achieve goals in work or study. It is known as an artist's stone, stimulating creativity. Carnelian activates the second chakra. It is used against a psychic attack, hence it is a strong protective crystal.

  • One of a kind high class treasure! Receive the exact one featured.

  • Measures: 2.8"H x2.5"L x1.7"W.

  • Weighs: 8.1 ounces


Ask a Question
  • I would like to get one for a very good friend. And they ask me how did it get it's shape. Can you tell me the answer?

    Hi, thanks for your interest in this Carnelian polished stone. It was hand polished in Madagascar to get its shape. Let us know if you need any other help, otherwise we look forward to sending out your crystals! ~ Sheila Satin